'In Pursuit With John Walsh' Season 3 Premiere Recap

John Walsh and his son Callahan are getting back to finding fugitives and getting justice for victims. Do you have information about any of these three cases?

August 24, 2021
John Walsh

'In Pursuit With John Walsh' host John Walsh

'In Pursuit With John Walsh' host John Walsh

WANTED: Erik Arceneaux

Erik Arceneaux

Erik Arceneaux

Erik Arceneaux

In 2018, Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez never showed up for work and did not pick up her daughter from at a Houston, Texas daycare. Her family reported her missing and began searching for clues. It turns out there was a man in Maria’s life: Erik Arceneaux. Further investigation led authorities to Maria’s abandoned vehicle, and cell phone data from their phones revealed a chilling detail: Erik was seen on surveillance footage at a Home Depot purchasing a chainsaw and trash bagsbads the day Maria went missing. A search of Erik’s home revealed enough DNA evidence to make police certain a violent murder had taken place there. Before Erik could be arrested, he disappeared. According to authorities, his family has been unwilling to volunteer any information about Erik’s whereabouts. Maria’s body has never been found.

WANTED: Mark Blevins

Mugshot of Mark Randall Blevins [Victoria PD] and an age-enhanced image of the fugitive [NCMEC].

Mugshot of Mark Randall Blevins [Victoria PD] and an age-enhanced image of the fugitive [NCMEC].

A woman named Eileen thought she’d found the perfect stepfather for her two daughters when she fell in love with a Victoria, Texas, corrections officer. Mark Randall Blevins adopted her daughters as his own, but her girls broke the terrible news to their mother in 1989: Blevins had been sexually abusing the oldest daughter for years. Eileen called the police and took her girls into hiding. Mark was questioned about the abuse, but vehemently denied the accusations. He was arrested in August 1989. While out on bond and awaiting trial, Blevins broke into Eileen’s apartment and threatened her at gunpoint in an attempt to stop his stepdaughter from testifying against him. He vanished after he left her apartment and hasn’t been seen since. Recently, a Victoria Police detective reached out to In Pursuit to get help finding the fugitive. Despite more than three decades on the lam, authorities believe he is still alive because he’s been listed as a living relative in three obituaries for relatives. The most recent obituary where he was listed as a surviving family member was 2020.

RECOVERED: Aaliyah Ramirez

age progressed image of Aaliyah Ramirez

Both photos shown are of Aaliyah. She may travel to Florida. Aaliyah is multi-racial. She is Black, Hispanic, and White. [via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children]

Both photos shown are of Aaliyah. She may travel to Florida. Aaliyah is multi-racial. She is Black, Hispanic, and White. [via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children]

14-year-old Aaliyah Ramirez had last been seen on April 27, 2021, when a doorbell camera captured her leaving her home in Syracuse, Indiana, to walk to her bus stop. She never arrived at school. Authorities weren't sure whether she was abducted or is a runaway.

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How to Help

If you have any information about Erik Arceneaux or Mark Blevins visit inpursuittips.com or call 1-833-378-7783. You may provide information anonymously.

You can watch season 3 of In Pursuit with John Walsh on discovery+.

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