Louisiana Woman Disappears While Road Tripping To Colorado To Start New Life

“Our family will never give up looking for our daughter,” the parents of Caitlyn Rose Case say.

Caitlyn Rose Case, pictured here, stands 5 feet, 5 inches, weighs around 140 pounds and has brown hair and eyes.

Caitlyn Rose Case went missing in August 2022 while driving from Louisiana to Colorado.

Photo by: NamUs


By: Aaron Rasmussen

The family of a woman driving solo from Louisiana to her new home in Colorado last heard from her while she was passing through rural Texas. While her vehicle was located in Oklahoma a week later, she remains missing.

On Aug. 4, 2022, Caitlyn Rose Case, then 33, left Houma, Louisiana, in her new GMC Envoy and set off for Colorado.

According to FindCaitlyn.com, Case, a technical mechanic, had recently moved to be near family in Colorado but had returned to Louisiana to purchase the SUV.

According to the website, on Aug. 5, 2022, Case was having issues with the navigation system in the vehicle and her cell phone reception was spotty. She became disoriented while in rural Texas and her father was attempting to help her get back to an interstate when her cell service dropped.

By around 5 that evening, data shows Case had made it to near Bogota, Texas. Two hours later, around 7 p.m., investigators learned her phone pinged towers a 15-minute drive away in Pattonville and again near Paris, Texas, KOKH-TV reported.

According to the station, investigators determined that a couple hours later, around 9 p.m., her vehicle was traveling northward from the area and into Oklahoma.

In a news release, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said agents were concerned “someone other than Case was in control of the vehicle” and that it was “not believed” at the time “that Case physically entered Oklahoma."

On Aug. 12, 2022, one week after Case was last in contact with her father, authorities located her SUV with her personal possessions inside on the banks of the Kiamichi River near Frogville, Oklahoma, according to The Paris News.

“In the course of traveling toward the path of the river embankment, the vehicle became cradled in-between two small trees overhanging a 75-foot cliff,” Case’s mother, Peg Melancon Case, wrote on FindCaitlyn.com.

Investigators believe someone was trying to ditch Case’s vehicle.

Caitlyn’s parents wrote on FindCaitlyn.com that their daughter is “one of the kindest, most trusting human beings on this planet.”

“Our family will never give up looking for our daughter and never give up fighting for the justice she deserves,” they added.

Case stands 5 feet, 5 inches, weighs around 140 pounds and has brown hair and eyes.

Anyone who has information about the whereabouts of Caitlyn Rose Case is urged to call the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at (800) 522-8017.

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