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Caught! Alleged Murderer Steven Todd In Custody Thanks To a Tip From Team In Pursuit! Jun 11, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Steven Todd is in police custody in California after he was tracked down thanks to a brave "In Pursuit with John Walsh" tipster wh …

Caught! In Pursuit Viewer Helps US Marshals Nab Former Youth Minister in Mexico May 22, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

One brave viewer of In Pursuit With John Walsh in Mexico was able to identify and tip off authorities to the whereabouts of allege …

FOUND! Penelope Inks Located In TX After Five Year Search Apr 16, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

The judge awarded Penelope’s father, Kevin Inks, sole custody of their daughter in a court hearing. Heather Inks and Penelope had …

Callahan Walsh Goes Inside the Investigation Of The Unsolved Delphi Murders Apr 1, 2020

The teens bodies were found on an abandoned railroad bridge in Caroll County, Indiana. In 2019, authorities released a new sketch …

7-Year-Old Witnesses Double Murder, One Victim Was His Own Mother Apr 1, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

The suspect was last seen driving one of two vehicles, either a PT Crosier or a charcoal Beige Ford F-150 pick up truck.

CAPTURED! Ex-Boyfriend Frederick McCaskill Wanted For Horrific Attack On Woman Jun 1, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

US Marshals arrested Frederick McCaskill in Atlanta, GA.

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Eugene Palmer Accused of Killing Daughter-In-Law Mar 25, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Eugene Palmer's left thumb is deformed and he's known to be an experienced hunter and outdoorsman.

Tamera Williams Wanted For Allegedly Dismembering Boyfriend Dumping Along Highway Mar 25, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Tamera Williams previously worked as a travel agent and phlebotomist. She has close ties to Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA. Authorit …

Mother of Three Girls Murdered, Hunt Continues for Ex-Boyfriend Mar 18, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Police say Carnell Spencer Lee Jr. has an extensive criminal history and was last seen wearing dreadlocks.

US Marshals On The Hunt For Husband and Wife On The Run Mar 17, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Torin Smith speaks with a stutter and he's missing part of his middle finger on one hand. Rena Smith and her husband may be involv …

Captured! Fugitive Who Shot and Killed Man Leaving Gender Reveal Party Now in Custody Mar 12, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Addison went on the run in the fall of 2019 after he allegedly opened fire on a car in Pennsylvania killing Richard Littlejohn Jr.

Nimrod Guerrero Wanted For Allegedly Killing Wife and Step-Daughter Mar 10, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Kelsey Meza was only months away from graduating from high school when she was found murdered, alongside her mother.

Wanted Sex Offender Claims He's A Former Prisoner Of War, Reports Say Mar 3, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

James Meece may target single women in their 50's, authorities say. He's also known to have a wide variety of tattoos all over his …

Fugitive James Garland Watts Wanted For Alleged Easter Home Invasion And Murder Mar 3, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Investigators say James Garland Watts goes by the nickname, "Tooch" and is known to possibly use drugs.

Miguel Angel Martinez Fled On Christmas Eve After Allegedly Killing Wife In Front Of Their Children Feb 26, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Authorities say Martinez, one of Orange County's Most Wanted, could be traveling with his brother, Jaime Martinez Escobar.

Days Before His Murder Trial For Killing His Girlfriend, Kevin 'Mike' Waguespack Fled Feb 25, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Waguespack reportedly showed up for all his required meetings until October 19. He was supposed to appear in court that day for a …

FBI Top 10 Fugitive Alejandro Castillo Is On The Run For Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend Feb 20, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Authorities say the suspect and victim previously dated and both worked together at a Charlotte, NC restaurant.

US Marshals Top 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Leroy Headley Captured in Jamaica Feb 18, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Headley was on the run for nearly two years after allegedly killing his then girlfriend, Anako "Annette" Lumumba in May 2018

Bride Murdered On Wedding Day, Hunt Continues For Fugitive Husband Arnoldo Jimenez Feb 11, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Authorities say Arnoldo Jimenez was last seen fleeing in a black Maserati and he's an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted

Fugitive Miguel Alcala Accused Of Killing Wife In Front Of Son Feb 12, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Miguel Alcala could be working in construction and may have ties to Monterray, Mexico.

Do You Know What Happened To Lindsay Harris? Feb 7, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

The 21-year-old, originally from New York, was last seen in Las Vegas, NV in 2005.

Lenell Kirby From Detroit On The Run After Having Allegedly Shot Two Women, Killing One Apr 23, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Police say Lenell Kirby may use the nickname, "Nell" and has three distinctive tattoos.

Because of You William Stanson Has Been Captured in Mexico Feb 13, 2020

By: Julien McNab

An In Pursuit With John Walsh viewer tipped off authorities to the location of fugitive William Stanson after recently seeing the …

Fugitive Jacob Blair Scott Captured Less Than 24 Hours After Being Placed On 15 Most Wanted List Jan 30, 2020

It's the fastest apprehension of a fugitive in the 37-year history of the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted program.

Top 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Lester Eubanks On the Run Since 1973 Jan 27, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Eubanks has been on the run since December 7, 1973 after he was sentenced to death for the attempted rape and murder of 14-year-ol …

William Stanson Fled Authorities After Allegedly Molesting His Daughter For Years Jan 27, 2020

After a decade of abuse daughter Kayla finally broke her silence about her father.

Missing Child Maia Sykes Recovered And Back Home With Her Father Jan 28, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Maia’s Dad is so grateful to, “In Pursuit” and everyone who tried to help him find Maia.

Young Mother and 4-Year-Old Son Found Murdered, Hunt Continues To Find Boyfriend Jory Worthen Jan 24, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Authorities say Worthen, who had previously had an order of protection filed against him, fled Arkansas after allegedly killing hi …

Michigan Woman And Niece Found Shot To Death, Boyfriend Is The Only Suspect Jan 22, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Police say Derrell Demon Brown does not have a social media footprint and is known to use a variety of aliases.

Missing: Baylee Smith Last Seen Withdrawing Money From An Oklahoma ATM in September 2018 Jan 17, 2020

By: Michelle Sigona

Baylee seemed to be under no duress when last seen in surveillance footage with an unidentified person.