What Happened To Missing Teen Brookelyn Farthing After She Texted 'I'm Scared'?

In 2013, a Kentucky teenager texted “I'm scared” before leaving only her shoes, a bag, and a flaming couch behind.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Still A Mystery")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Still A Mystery")

By: Mike McPadden

MADISON COUNTY, KY — On June 21, 2013, 18-year-old Brookelyn Farthing dropped by a house party with her sister Paige Farthing and their cousin.

At around 8 P.M., Paige and the cousin told Brookelyn they were leaving. According to Paige, Brookelyn said she had arranged to sleep at a friend’s house, and even showed her an overnight bag she’d brought. That plan, however, apparently fell through.

Later that evening, witnesses reportedly saw Brookelyn catch a ride with two young men. The driver allegedly knew her ex-boyfriend. Police said the trio drove out to a spot on Floyd Branch Road to visit horses that the driver took care of.

After that, the driver reportedly took the male passenger home and drove Brookelyn back to his place.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Still A Mystery")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Still A Mystery")

Paige said her sister texted her at 4 A.M. to ask for a ride home. Unfortunately, Paige didn’t have a license and she said their cousin had been drinking, so it wasn’t safe for her to drive.

Authorities say Brookelyn next texted her ex-boyfriend, and he told her that he’d come get her on his way home from work, at around 7 A.M. Allegedly, then, at 4:26 A.M., Brookelyn sent her ex troubling messages that included, “I’m scared” and “Please hurry.”

At 5:30 A.M., one final text arrived from Brookelyn’s phone, claiming she was going to a party in Rockcastle County and telling her ex, “Never mind.” That was the last time anyone heard from her.

The following afternoon, Brookelyn’s family said they got in touch with the man who drove her to his home the night before. He reportedly told them that Brookelyn was acting uneasy in his residence, so he left to go attend to the horses on Floyd Branch Road. The last time he saw Brookelyn, the man allegedly said, she was sitting on his couch, smoking a cigarette.

The family says that the man told him he returned at 7 A.M. and discovered his couch on fire, prompting him to call the fire department. Relatives say they found Brookelyn’s shoes and her overnight bag in the man’s home. Brookleyn and her cell phone, however, were gone.

A massive manhunt ensued over the next few days. Hundreds of volunteers and cadaver dogs combed the surrounding areas, along with divers exploring nearby bodies of water. Nothing substantial resulted.

To date, authorities have not named a person of interest nor reported finding any new evidence. Kentucky State Police says the case is “open and active,” and that officers continue to act on tips and reexamine materials for anything they might have missed. Still, the case remains baffling.

One new, troubling element emerged in January 2019, when two young, blonde women similar in appearance to Brookelyn suddenly vanished from the same general area of Madison County that she did.

Savannah Spurlock, 22, disappeared after leaving the Other Bar on January 4. Her her badly decomposed body was discovered in July 2019 in the backyard belonging to the parents of a man named David Sparks. Sparks has been convicted of her murder.

On January 28, Amanda Bailey, 26, went missing after reportedly meeting with an ex. Tragically, Amanda’s dead body was discovered on a farm three days later. Her death remains mysterious, but might have been accidental.

Authorities have not officially linked the three cases, but speculation over the possibility has come up in public discussions of Brookelyn Farthing both online and off.

As for now, Brookelyn’s family keeps searching and hoping. A $14,000 reward has been offered for information that leads to her return or to the capture and conviction of whomever was responsible.

Anyone who can help is asked to send a message to the Find Brookelyn Farthing page on Facebook and/or contact the the Kentucky State Police at (859) 623-2404.

For more on this case, stream Still A Mystery: "The Dangerous Houses" on Max.

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