DNA Helped Solve Cold Case Murder Of Woman Found Wrapped In Carpet On The Side Of The Road Jun 30, 2022

The body of Lina Reyes Geddes, 37, was found along a highway near Maidenwater Spring in Utah’s Garfield County on April 20, 1998. …

A Michigan Woman Feels Lucky To Be Alive After Her Ex-Husband Was Charged With Murder Jun 29, 2022

After finding out what George Yzaguirre was capable of, Jennifer Meyers believes she could have been his next victim.

Son Of TikTok Star 'Mama Tot' Was Murdered A Day Before His 19th Birthday Jun 29, 2022

Randon Lee was shot and killed at a gas station in Prichard, Alabama on June 24, 2022 — one day before what would’ve been his 19th …

Transgender Teen Gwen Araujo ‘Has Literally Saved Thousands Of Lives’ Since Her 2002 Murder, Mother Says Jun 28, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Her daughter’s death “was the beginning of a life sentence for me and my family,” Sylvia Guerrero recalls.

Brandon Teena’s Legacy And The Devastating Hate Crime That Took His Life Jun 28, 2022

After 21-year-old Brandon Teena reported being raped by two men, the rapists broke into the home he lived in and murdered him and …

Midwestern Civil War Buff May Be Serial Killer Connected To Dozens Of Females’ Deaths Jun 23, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Larry DeWayne Hall was identified as a suspect in a kidnapping after a witness took down his van’s license plate number.

‘Torso Killer’ Richard Cottingham Indicted In 1968 Slaying Of Long Island Dance Teacher Jun 23, 2022

More than five decades after the body of 23-year-old Diane Cusick was found murdered in her car, investigators have linked her dea …

A Custody Battle Turned Deadly In The Most Unlikely Location Jun 22, 2022

A married Texas couple was gunned down in the parking lot of a rural country church.

‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’ Actor Shot His Mother Then Planned To Kill Prime Minister Trudeau Jun 22, 2022

Ryan Grantham, 24, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the March 2020 shooting death of his mother.

Security Cameras Helped Solve Case Of Teen Found Murdered Near Her High School Jun 21, 2022

On March 28, 2015, the body of North Carolina high school student Tierra Hall was found face down on the porch of a vacant home tw …

Colorado Man Allegedly Kills Teen Coworker In Break Room After She Rejected His Advances Jun 21, 2022

Riley Whitelaw, 17, had previously expressed concerns about her 28-year-old coworker Joshua Johnson, whom she said made her feel u …

How The 1991 Brutal Hate Crime Murder Of Paul Broussard Changed One Texas Community Jun 21, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The murder victim “could have been anybody’s son, anybody’s brother,” says a former Houston mayor.

Man Who Searched ‘How To Be A Serial Killer’ Charged In Murder Of Missing Texas Woman Jun 16, 2022

24-year-old Felicia Johnson was last seen getting into an Uber on April 16, 2022 after leaving a Houston strip club.

Michigan Man Pushes Ex-Wife Down The Stairs, Kills Her On The Way To The Hospital Jun 15, 2022

Dennis DePue, 46, didn’t anticipate being spotted by a couple who were out for a drive when he tried to hide the evidence of his c …

Texas Truck Driver Charged In Nearly 30-Year-Old Cold Case Murder Of California Mother Jun 15, 2022

The body of Sherri Herrera, 30, was found along a California freeway onramp on March 30, 1993. Nearly 30 years later, a suspect ha …

Death, Drugs & Deceit: A Timeline of the Murdaugh Family Mystery Jun 14, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Alex Murdaugh found his wife and son murdered in June 2021, but his troubles started years earlier.

A West Virginia Mother Blamed Her 11-Year-Old For Husband’s Murder Jun 13, 2022

When authorities arrived at a home where a man had been shot, the story they heard didn’t quite add up.

Nearly 50 Years After Her Death, A Murdered Teen Is Linked To A Serial Killer Cop Jun 9, 2022

A Florida family finally has closure after authorities identified a body recovered in 1974 as 15-year-old Susan Poole.

Virginia Murder Linked To Serial Killer Who Took 10-Year Hiatus Jun 7, 2022

When an Alexandria, Virginia man was murdered in 2013, police noticed an eerie similarity between his death and a crime that happe …

Stabbed In The Back: Skylar Neese Was Murdered By Her ‘Best Friends’ Jun 6, 2022

In July 2012, Skylar Neese, 16, thought she was sneaking out of her West Virginia home to hang out with her friends — but they had …

Indiana Woman Offered To Buy Her Daughter’s Teen Boyfriend A Car In Exchange For Killing Her Ex Jun 6, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Gilbert Dossett died in a murder-for-hire plot that was exposed when his estranged wife was caught whispering about the crime at t …

Triple Homicide, Double Kidnapping: What Happened To The Groene Family? Jun 3, 2022

Over 15 years after her family was murdered and she was abducted from her home, Shasta Groene shares her story.

A Rhode Island Man Has Been Found Guilty Of Murdering Young Mom Jassy Correia Jun 2, 2022

Jassy Correia was out celebrating her 23rd birthday in Boston when she met Louis Coleman, who offered her a ride back to her frien …

Dad And 4-Month-Old Son Killed On Front Porch Of Their North Carolina Home Jun 2, 2022

25-year-old Darion McClendon and his baby son were shot in what police are calling 'a senseless act of violence’.

Police Officer Accused Of ‘Hunting A Lone Female To Kidnap And Rape’ Pleads Guilty To Her Murder Jun 1, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Wayne Couzens spent a month researching how to carry out the violent crimes against Sarah Everard, a complete stranger, prosecutor …

Remembering The Innocent Lives Lost In The Uvalde School Shooting May 27, 2022

By: Crime Feed Staff

The lives of 19 children and two teachers were cut short by a senseless act of violence on May 24, 2022. Here’s how their family a …

32 Years After The Cold Case Homicide Of Susan Poupart, Police Are Looking For Tips May 26, 2022

Susan Poupart, 29, was last seen leaving a house party in Vilas County, Wisconsin in 1990. Over 30 years later, police are looking …

Two Years After The Death Of George Floyd, Here Are The Developments In His Case Jun 8, 2022

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, 46, was murdered in Minneapolis by 44-year-old police officer Derek Chauvin. Three other police off …

What First Seemed Like A Fairytale Romance Ended In Homicide For A Tennessee Teacher May 24, 2022

Ashley Scott was ecstatic when her college sweetheart proposed on Christmas 2000, but her newfound love was not what it seemed.

Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders: New DNA Test Results Show Suspect Acquitted May Be Guilty May 23, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“Every bit of information we’ve gotten over the last 40 years has just continued to nail it down more and more,” says the father o …