Mom Shoots 14-Year-Old Daughter In The Head After She Called 911 During A Domestic Dispute Dec 24, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

A Washington woman has been arrested after police say she fatally shot her 14-year-old daughter in the head as the teen tried to c …

Woman Posing With Loaded Rifle For Snapchat Pic 'Accidentally' Fatally Shot Boyfriend Jan 16, 2019

By: Catherine Townsend

Police say that Eric Charles Allen and Autumn King were in a relationship and lived together, and that there were two children in …

Mom Allegedly Drowned Her 10-Month-Old Twin Sons In A Motel Bathtub Dec 10, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

Heather Langdon’s sister Teresa says she just saw Heather last weekend, and that her sister “seemed normal.”

Parents Arrested After 3-Year-Old’s Body Found In Container Of Acid In Closet Feb 19, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Police say a Texas couple attempted to cover up their daughter's alleged drowning death by dissolving her remains in a bucket stas …

Robert Durst: Murder Trial Set, Old Evidence Allowed, New Insights Revealed Jan 18, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery goes up close with those who know him best — and fear him most.

Should The 'Halloween Killer' Be Released From Prison & Be A Free Man? Oct 19, 2018

By: Matt Gilligan

Lisa Ann French was on her own and she decided to go trick-or-treating nearby her house.

Man Not Guilty Of Murder In Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind Baby Stealing Case Oct 4, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

William Hoehn said that he helped cover up the killing after he found Brooke Crews on the floor with Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind c …

Pastor Who Fatally Stabbed Wife In Cold-Medicine 'Haze' Pleads Guilty To Her Murder Oct 10, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

“I feel like a monster, one of the wretched, a part of the darkness we don’t speak of,” Matthew Phelps said of the murder of his w …

Mom Charged With Killing 2 Babies Searched "How To Commit The Perfect Murder" Online Sep 7, 2018

By: Catherine Townsend

Investigators grew concerned when they learned that Stephany LaFountain had another baby daughter who had died in suspicious circu …

Secret Video Shows Man Describe How He Murdered His Childhood Friend, Dumped Her Body Feb 11, 2019

By: Mike McPadden

Suspect on trial says he choked teen victim for a half-hour, while her dog watched, to steal her inheritance.