UPDATE: DC Police Now Searching For Two Missing People, Both Cases "Suspicious"

During a July 23, 2020 press conference DC Police Chief Peter Newsham claimed that the Olga Ooro and Keith Johnson missing persons cases are both "suspicious in nature."

July 24, 2020

Olga Ooro [DC Metropolitan Police]

Olga Ooro [DC Metropolitan Police]

By: Michelle Sigona

UPDATE: 7/27/20:

DC Police confirm 55-year-old Darnell Sterling of SE, DC is under arrest. Sterling is charged with second degree murder for the alleged death of his girlfriend, 34-year-old Olga Ooro. “It was determined that this offense is domestic in nature,” a press release adds.

NBC 4 says police have a person on video who they believe to be Sterling pushing a cart with a large object on it. The contents on the cart are consistent with a possible person being covered with a blanket, the report says. Sterling had “multiple” previous arrests for domestic violence as it relates to Ooro, NBC 4 says.

Ooro remains missing and the search to find her continues.


On July 23, 2020, DC Police Chief Peter Newsham held a press conference about two active missing person cases detectives are working on. Newsham says, "both cases are suspicious in nature" and authorities are hoping someone comes forward with information leading to both adults.

Newsham gave more insight to the disappearance surrounding 34-year-old mother of one Olga Ooro. He says the woman's 7-year-old son was found wandering in their building and the child told police he hasn't seen his mother since July 16. At this point, "multiple people" have been interviewed, surveillance video has been collected and Ooro was seen with her boyfriend, the chief adds.

The second case involves 43-year-old Keith Johnson who vanished on July 13. Johnson went missing from the 1300 block of Tobias Drive, SE and his vehicle was found three days later in the 3700 block of D Street, SE. There was a "significant" amount of blood located in the front passenger seat and rear of the vehicle, but police say they do not know if the blood is linked to Johnson. This detail is something authorities are currently working to confirm.

Johnson's wallet was also left behind.

Keith Johnson and Olga Ooro [composite from D.C. Metropolitan Police]

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