A Woman Was Kidnapped And Murdered By A Group Of Friends Who Sought Revenge Mar 29, 2023

29-year-old Tiffany Boyer was kidnapped and bludgeoned to death by four people who blamed her for the disappearance of one of thei …

Brand New Image Released To Help Find Anthony Murrill Who Vanished In 1971 Mar 24, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Anthony Murrill’s mother reportedly left the front porch light on and his bicycle out front of their home for years in hopes her s …

A Killer Was Brought To Justice Thirteen Years After Murdering A Minnesota Woman Mar 22, 2023

Trina Langenbrunner was found on the side of the road in Cloquet, Minnesota on Sept. 3, 2000.

Fugitive Wanted For Allegedly Killing 8-Month-Old Has Been Captured In North Carolina Mar 22, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Authorities confirm Claude Edsel Brooks, who appeared on Season 3 of ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh’, was arrested in Pitt County, No …

Last Seen In 1995, Lenoria Jones Is Still Missing From Washington State Mar 17, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Lenoria Jones was only 3-years-old when she disappeared without a trace in 1995. If you know anything about this case, please reac …

Mean Girl Murders: How A High School Fight Turned Into A Cold Case Mar 16, 2023

Stacy DeGrandchamp was about to begin her senior year when a petty high school fight took a deadly turn at a house party.

Inside One Florida Mother’s Brave Yearslong Quest To Expose Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Mar 13, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“I need to help save these children, and I would do it all over again,” Rochelle Herman says of the disgraced celebrity’s 14 victi …

What Happened To Tonetta Carlisle? Authorities Say Teen Was Abducted From Tennessee Mar 10, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Tonetta Carlisle was last seen being forced into a vehicle in Chattanooga on March 16, 1989. If you know anything about Tonetta's …

What You Missed On ‘Death By Fame’ Season One 7 Photos

Uncover the sinister side of fame in these shocking true stories behind the rise, fall, and murder of some of Hollywood’s most pro …

How One ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Actor Went From Portraying A Killer To Being One In Real Life Mar 8, 2023

Family of Lloyd Avery II said he was trying to prove something he didn’t have to.

Fugitive Isaac Estrada Featured On 'In Pursuit With John Walsh' Captured In Texas Mar 8, 2023

By: Michelle Sigona

The United States Marshals Service said they took Isaac Estrada into custody in March 2023. Estrada was wanted for 8 years for the …

A Utah Wife And Mother Slowly Realized Her New Husband Was Lying About His Identity Mar 7, 2023

Margie Bult was terrified when she finally understood the man she married was on the lam from murder charges.

Where Is Sabrina Aisenberg? Infant Vanished From Florida More Than 25 Years Ago Mar 6, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

If you have any information about this mysterious case involving Sabrina Aisenberg, who was only five months old in 1997, please c …

A Nebraska Man Arrested For Car Theft Makes Unprompted Murder Confession Mar 1, 2023

Authorities in Omaha, Nebraska were preparing to question Jeremiah Connelly about a stolen vehicle when he made a stunning revelat …

Raymond Green Was Abducted As An Infant, Now His Face Is Going Nationwide On Gas Pumps Mar 1, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Raymond Green was only 5 days old when he was abducted from Atlanta, Georgia. Today he would be 44. Do you have information? Pleas …

Florida Authorities Reopen Unsolved Cold Case Killing Of Playboy Playmate Star Stowe Feb 27, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“Nobody deserves to be murdered, and especially someone that is trying to get back on the right track,” her friend says.

Couple Added To Most Wanted List For Murder And Alleged Heinous Crimes Against Their Children Feb 24, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

The U.S. Marshals would like anyone with information to come forward and call their hotline directly if they know where Edgar Casi …

Mohave County Sheriff Searching For Suspect And Victim’s Two Young Children From 1989 Case Feb 22, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

If you know anything about this case, the Mohave County Sheriff would like for you to contact them directly: 928-753-0753 ext. 440 …

Hi-Five Group Member Russell Neal Charged With Murder Of Wife Feb 21, 2023

Singer Russell Neal and aspiring model Catherine Martinez had two kids together.

From Subway Spokesperson To Pop-Culture Pariah: Inside The Fall Of Jared Fogle Feb 15, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The pitchman pleaded guilty to charges related to child pornography and was sentenced to serve over 15 years in a federal prison.

Former Playboy Bunny Hired Hit Man To Kill Her Gunslinging Wild West Performer Husband Feb 14, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Carole Gold and her son were thrown in jail for the murder of Charles “Black Bart” Gold.

A Woman Realized Her Husband Was a Serial Rapist Who Escalated to Murder Feb 9, 2023

A neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, was rattled when a woman reported that she’d been raped, but the worst horror was yet to come.

The Disappearance And Murder Of Aspiring Hollywood Actress Adea Shabani Feb 8, 2023

Shabani went missing in February 2018. When her body was found in May 2018, an autopsy determined she suffered blunt force trauma …

Man Commits Double Murder Because He ‘Couldn’t Take’ His Pregnant Girlfriend Anymore Feb 6, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“This is without a doubt the most cruel, depraved, cowardly set of acts I've ever seen,” the judge said.

Pennsylvania Man Sentenced To Life In Prison After Confessing He Killed Aspiring 'Playboy' Model Feb 2, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Christina Carlin-Kraft “was an absolute light in this world and he snuffed it out,” the victim’s mother said of murderer Jonathan …

Captured: Two Fugitives Featured On ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ Behind Bars Jan 31, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

In January 2023, authorities in two states confirmed Timothy Jabbar Wyatt and James Marques Smith were arrested and are now behind …

A Florida Nightclub Owner Taped His Own Homicide Jan 31, 2023

Investigators trying to figure out who was responsible for a triple homicide in Miramar, Florida, got a very lucky break when they …

The Tragic Murder Of Christina Grimmie Feb 7, 2023

The 22-year-old singer was shot to death by an obsessive fan after a concert in June 2016.

Michigan Mother Killed Her 2 Children, Stored Their Bodies In Deep Freezer Jan 30, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“They were cooped up in a freezer like meat,” the victims’ sister says of her deceased younger siblings.

Mother Will Never Give Up Searching For Toddler Abducted From Washington Bowling Alley Jan 27, 2023

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Two age progressions were recently released to help find Teekah Lewis, who is now in her 20s. If you have any information on this …