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Your Worst Nightmare (Season 5)


My Mother's Secret


Investigation Discovery
Callahan Walsh Talks About Growing Up with Dad John Walsh
Callahan Walsh has been a supervising producer for America's Most Wanted and co-creator of The Hunt With John Walsh. And now he will be working with his father again, on the new Investigation Discovery show In Pursuit With John Walsh.
Investigation Discovery
Why Did Joseph Newton Chandler Change His Name?
“There's a reason he went missing in 1965 and adopted the identity of a dead boy"
Investigation Discovery
Albert Fish: Pedophile. Cannibal. Serial Killer.
Learn more about Albert Fish — aka “The Werewolf of Wysteria,” “The Brooklyn Vampire.”
Investigation Discovery

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders

Investigate thrilling crime scenes, build the best crime scene investigation team and solve hundreds of cases.