Can You Help Identify ‘Baby Jane Doe’ Who Was Found In Georgia In December 1988?

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is offering a reward. According to published reports, investigators believe the child was dead at least two to three months before she was found. If you know anything about this case, please consider calling 800-597-8477.

March 31, 2023
Digital reconstructions of Georgia's "Baby Jane Doe" created in 2017.

In December 1988, a baby was found stuffed inside a duffle bag, placed in a suitcase, with concrete poured inside and left in a cabinet in Georgia. She remains unidentified.

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By: Crimefeed Contributor

It’s a case that has been lingering in the hearts and minds of investigators and the public since the 1980’s. A baby was found stuffed inside a duffle bag, placed in a suitcase, with concrete poured inside and left in a cabinet, WALB reports. The horrific discovery was made by a Georgia timber worker only days before Christmas in 1988, the report added.

The toddler was discovered at an illegal dumping site, Action News Jax reported.

GBI Special Agent Jason Seacrist spoke out about the child’s case to WALB. He said not only were “multiple searches” conducted in the area where the suitcase was found, but now they believe there is a connection to Albany.

Seacrist told WALB the reason authorities believe this connection to be positive is because the bag and suitcase were in a TV cabinet, along with the concrete. According to Seacrist, there was an Albany Herald newspaper found close to the TV cabinet. Seacrist said based on the conditions at the scene where the baby was found, they believe the newspaper and the cabinet have a positive connection.

Based on the investigation, Seacrist told the news station, “I truly believe that somebody remembers a little girl and that little girl went away and most likely they were given a story that they went to live with a family member, or they went away to live a better life. And nobody ever saw or heard from this little girl ever again.”

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created an image of what this baby could have looked like at the time. Authorities believe she was African American, weighed 20 pounds and stood about 2 feet tall. The child was only 3-years-old and she was wearing a diaper, had pierced ears and had clothes in a size 4 on her body.

Seacrist added, “What’s the new thing right now is genealogy and DNA work. We have been able for the last two years; our office has been working with a private DNA lab, consulting of course, with the GBI Department of Forensics Science.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is offering a reward. If you know anything about this case, please consider calling: 800-597-8477. You can also contact The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by calling: 1-800-THE-LOST.

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