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Killer Questions with Daryn Carp

As an obsessive true crime fan, Daryn Carp has tons of cases stuck in her brain. Cases with loose ends that keep her from sleeping at night... and now she's digging deeper. From irregular investigations and inexplicable behavior, to questionable evidence and debate-able trials, Daryn is obsessed with wanting to know the truth and exploring some of the burning questions about the most confounding and controversial cases out there.

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Scorned: Love Kills

Shocking, true stories about the dark side of love. In every episode, listen to reporters, law enforcement and psychologists investigate crimes of betrayal and murder, with direct audio from ID’s hit TV show, Scorned: Love Kills.

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Mind of a Monster: The Hillside Strangler and The Night Stalker

Mind of a Monster Season 2 takes us back to 70s and 80s Los Angeles when two of the most notorious, vicious, and devastating serial killers in US history spread fear across the city: The Hillside Strangler and The Night Stalker.

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Unraveled: Once a Killer

Unraveled: Once a Killer sees Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen investigate the most elusive criminal to ever strike — the "one and done killer." These mysterious offenders commit one brutal murder and disappear back into society, which makes them nearly impossible to catch. But could that be changing?

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Mafia Tapes

Mafia Tapes dives into the notorious DeMeo Crew, and their once trusted associate Dominick Montiglio. The eight-part podcast tells the story of Dominick’s life, at the center of one of the most vicious mafia crews in history.

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Who the Bleep Did I Marry?

The Who the Bleep Did I Marry? podcast tells the true stories of people who thought they were happily married until they discovered a shocking secret about their spouse.

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Nightmare Next Door

Nightmare Next Door is a true crime show that peels back the peaceful facade of small town America and exposes the dark secrets hidden behind its white-washed picket fences. Nightmare Next Door, the official Nightmare Next Door podcast from ID, dives into each real life murder mystery through first person accounts and unfolds the darkness amidst the colorful backdrop of the town and the characters that live there.

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Betrayl with Daryn Carp

From romantic relationships to family bonds to the sordid history of the Chippendales, Betrayal with Daryn Carp explores love and all the dark ways it can go wrong. Each week Daryn is joined by a celebrity guest to help her dive in and discuss some of the most shocking cases of betrayal in the true crime world.

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the unraveled podcast

Unraveled is hosted by journalists Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter. Each season features a deep dive investigation into a case or issue that true crime fans will be obsessed with, culminating in a special streaming on discovery+.

Unraveled: Experts on Trial

Unraveled: Experts on Trial investigates an alarming problem within the American criminal justice process: the business of forensic experts. It is a crisis in the courts that is decades in the making. Citing several cases as examples, Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen expose serious flaws with forensic expert testimony that routinely leads to tragedy and injustice within the U.S. court system.

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Unraveled: The Stalker's Web

What if your fourth grade pen pal turns out to be a sociopath who stalks you and your family and sends you death threats your entire life? Your internet friendship evolves into romance, but the in-person weekend of passion turns into decades of online abuse and harassment?

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Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer

It’s been over a decade since 11 bodies were found on the coast of Long Island. While many have attempted to solve the murders, no one has looked into just why the case remains unsolved…until now.

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Disappeared, the official Disappeared podcast from Investigation Discovery, dives into stories of missing people and the chilling details of their disappearances. On every episode, you’ll hear direct audio from episodes of the hit TV series Disappeared — and now, you can uncover the mystery while you’re on the go.

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The Reasonable Doubt Podcast

Retired Birmingham homicide detective Chris Anderson, and defense attorney Fatima Silva give us a behind the scenes look at their murder investigations from the hit ID show Reasonable Doubt. The two will explain exactly what went into their final decisions and give us updates on the cases in this companion podcast to the ID series.

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The Clown and the Candyman

Two serial killers, Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy, thousands of miles apart, brutally murdered over 60 teenage boys. For the first time we reveal that they were connected by a network of pedophiles which was partially financed by prominent members of American society.

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Red Flags

True crime writer Tori Telfer and armchair detective-turned-TikToker Karina Michelle have created your new one-stop shop for all things true crime, the latest cases in the news and the shows and podcasts and books about them.

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