Captured: Two Fugitives Featured On ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ Behind Bars

In January 2023, authorities in two states confirmed Timothy Jabbar Wyatt and James Marques Smith were arrested and are now behind bars facing charges.

January 31, 2023
Fugitives James Marques Smith [left] and Timothy Jabbar Wyatt [right] were both captured and arrested in January 2023.

In January 2023, authorities in two states confirmed Timothy Jabbar Wyatt and James Marques Smith were arrested and are now behind bars facing charges.

Photo by: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department [left]; Shelby County Jail [right]

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department [left]; Shelby County Jail [right]

By: Crimefeed Contributor

Investigators confirm Timothy Jabbar Wyatt, 41, and James Marques Smith, 21, are both behind bars. Wyatt and Smith were previously featured as 15 Seconds of Shame cases on ID’s In Pursuit with John Walsh. According to, Wyatt was found living inside a make-shift hut in the woods in Alabama and Smith was discovered by local law enforcement in Tennessee.

According to local authorities and the United States Marshals Service, Wyatt was on the run for kidnapping, attempted rape, and assault. WRBL previously reported Wyatt was described as a, “dangerous sex offender with violent tendencies.” In the cases where Wyatt was facing charges, WRBL added, “the female victims were choked unconscious and beaten.”

During Wyatt’s arrest, a local police officer stopped to help what he thought was a disabled motorist, reported. When the officer approached the vehicle, the person dropped water and items and fled into the woods. The officer called for backup, searching the area and discovering a “make-shift hut.” Wyatt was located and arrested. The suspect has a long criminal history with more than 20 prior arrests, the report adds.

According to the Nashville Police Department, 21-year-old James Marques Smith was arrested on Jan. 19, 2023 after one of their undercover teams “spotted” Smith and another suspect in a vehicle

Authorities said the car was followed until both suspects fled on foot. “Both tossed guns in the process,” a press release added.

Smith reportedly went on the run after allegedly killing 20-year-old Nicholas Spivey in May 2022.

Wyatt is currently at the Shelby County Jail in Alabama and Smith is held without bond at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

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