US Marshals On The Hunt For Husband and Wife On The Run

Torin Smith speaks with a stutter and he's missing part of his middle finger on one hand. Rena Smith and her husband may be involved with another church community in the US or abroad.

Rena and Torin Smith [Puebloc County Detention Center]

Rena and Torin Smith [Puebloc County Detention Center]

By: Michelle Sigona

In September 2017, authorities say Torin Smith was accused of sexually assaulting several children, including his own daughters, but failed to show up for a hearing before his trial. In October 2017, Rena Smith was convicted of witness tampering and child abuse. Authorities say she failed to show up for her sentencing.

KOAA reports, "Court documents show that Smith’s wife Rena sent several emails to one of the accusers, asking that they retract their statement to law enforcement officers for the sake of the family and the ministry."

Investigators say Torin led the Community Fellowship of Christians Church and was the past president of Praise Mountain Ministries. The couple also had access to children because of the work Rena did homeschooling children in the area, reports say. The alleged attacks occurred over a five year span from 2008 to 2013.

Torin is an experienced survivalist and hunter, and feels comfortable living off the grid. Investigators say he's also extremely computer savvy.


Rena Smith

HEIGHT: 5 feet 3 inches

WEIGHT: 140 pounds

EYES: Blue

DOB: August 17, 1964

Torin Smith

HEIGHT: 6 feet tall

WEIGHT: unknown

EYES: Blue

DOB: August 15, 1959


DATES OF CRIME: 2003 - 2008

CONNECTIONS TO: Mexico, Colorado and Middle East

CHARGES: Torin: 4 counts of sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, 3 charges of incest aggravated-defendant's childRena: Failure to appear for sentencing.

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