Texas Woman Wanted For Hiring A Hitman To Kill Husband

Margaret Lorrain Smith stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 185 pounds when she vanished. She has a mole on the right side of her hairline and a small mole under her right eye. She's currently on the Texas Department of Public Safety's Top 10 Most Wanted for capital murder. If you know where she's hiding out, please call our hotline. Host John Walsh guarantees you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

September 22, 2021

Margaret Lorraine Smith [Texas Department of Safety]

Margaret Lorraine Smith [Texas Department of Safety]

By: Michelle Sigona

It was a summer day in early August 2007 on Surfside Beach, TX, when two people came across a body. It was a busy stretch of sand, usually full of people, especially in the summer months.

According to investigators, the victim appeared to have severe trauma to his head. It was later determined that the victim, a 53-year-old man identified as George Smith, had been murdered. Initially those who knew him thought he could have been robbed.

George grew up in the area, had a local business selling burgers and fries and was the father of four children. He was married and when investigators in Texas made contact with his wife, Margaret, she appeared to be in shock. Margaret was heard on a police recording screaming and crying and talking about their children together. Despite the outward display of emotion, investigators who made contact with her said Lorraine was not able to produce one tear.

Detectives learned, according to Margaret, that the couple went out drinking the night before, but she claimed she had no idea what happened and how he was killed. Investigators said George was killed with a heavy object that had hard edges on each side of the weapon.

As authorities began diving more into George's relationship with Margaret, they learned it was more than just fractured. Their marriage was falling apart. Lorraine was leaving George behind, doing more partying and even seeing a new man.

Only a short time after George's murder detetives said Margaret contated them to say she knew more and that the incident was only an accident. Margaret also told authorities she wanted an attorney.

The investigators were not only looking at Margaret, but also at a possible accomplice - Dylan Laughrey. Investigators believed Margaret set up the murder and that Laughrey was the person who actually killed George. Authorities believe Margaret lured her husband to the beach on the night of his brutal murder. An informant told detectives Laughrey's roommate gave him the weapon to kill George - a car part used for suspension.

Investigators learned the motive was likely money. George owned a very expensive beachfront property worth millions. Margaret was initially listed as the beneficiary. But prior to his death, George learned his wife had forged his signature and sold another piece of property he owned. He was so furious he changed his will and named the children as his beneficiaries.

One month after the murder, both Laughrey and Margaret were arrested. Laughrey went on trial and was convicted of capital murder. In 2009, Margaret was supposed to stand trial for her alleged role in her husband's death - but she fled.

Detectives said Margaret was last seen at a San Antonio, TX, Walmart. She conducted a wire transfer to herself and got back into the car. Margaret has a thyroid condition. She may be fluent in Spanish at this point. Margaret has a mole on the right side of her head and a small mole under her eye.

If you know where she's hiding out, please call our hotline. Host John Walsh guarantees you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 185 pounds

Location of crime: Surfside Beach, TX

Date of Crime: August 6, 2007

DOB: January 12, 1959

Aliases: Rainy Girl, Margaret Lorrain Smith, Margaret Lorrain Womble

Charge: Murder

Connections to: May be moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S.

CHARACTERISTICS ABOUT SUSPECT: Has naturally curly hair and she's known to dye it different colors. She has a mole on the bottom of her right and on the right side of her head on her hairline.

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