FBI Top 10 Fugitive Alejandro Castillo Is On The Run For Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend

Authorities say the suspect and victim previously dated and both worked together at a Charlotte, NC restaurant.

Alejandro Castillo [FBI]

Alejandro Castillo [FBI]

By: Michelle Sigona

On August 10, 2016, 23-year-old Truc Quan "Sandy" Ly Le went missing from Charlotte, NC. One week later investigators say Ly Le's body was found in a county not far from where she went missing, and she was shot two times. The investigation led authorities to two suspects, Alejandro Castillo and Ahmia Feaster. At the time of the murder, Castillo and Feaster were a couple, but agents say Castillo was previously dating the victim.

After the killing investigators say the couple fled the area, but two months later Feaster eventually turned herself into police. As for Castillo, who was only 17-years-old at the time of the murder, he is still on the run and is now an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted. Castillo is considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI released video of Castillo and Feaster crossing the border from Arizona into Mexico on August 16, 2016.


DOB: November 16, 1998

WEIGHT: 185 pounds

HEIGHT: 5 feet 6 inches


HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

ALIASES: Alexandro Castillo, Alex Castillo, Alejandro Rosales, Alejandro Castillo, Alejandro Rosales-Castillo, Alejandro Rosalescastillo

CHARACTERISTICS: Could be wearing his hair on the shorter side and shaved sideburns. Known to speak Spanish and English

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS: Charlotte, NC, Phoenix, AZ, San Francisco de los Romo, Aguascalientes (Mexico), or Pabellón de Arteaga, Aguascalientes (Mexico).

He also may have traveled to the Mexican states of Guanajuato or Veracruz.

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