Convicted Arsonist Mona Fawaz Is On The Run With Authorities Hot On Her Heels

Suspected in other cases of arson the fugitive is thought to still be in Michigan.

Mona Fawaz [US Marshals]

Mona Fawaz [US Marshals]

By: Michelle Sigona

Authorities say Mona Fawaz was convicted of arson and was sentenced to probation. Eventually she was scheduled to be resentenced, but instead of showing up for the hearing, investigators say Fawaz fled. She's currently wanted on a Failure to Appear charge.

During the incident in 2009 for which she was convicted Wayne County Prosecutors say Mona Fawaz seriously endangered the lives of a neighbor and two firefighters, but thankfully they all survived.

Although prosecutors say Fawaz was given probation, she was set to be resentenced in 2017. Instead of showing up for the hearing, authorities say she fled and hasn’t been seen since. She’s currently wanted on failure to appear.

Authorities also say Fawaz was the focus of another suspected arson that occured in 1996, but she was not convicted.


Location of Crime: Detroit, MI

Date of Crime: 2009

DOB: 1967

Height: 5'7" Weight: 120 pounds

Convicted: Arson

Wanted For: Failure to Appear

Could be Hiding: Somewhere on the west side of the metro Detroit area; ties to Dearborn, Troy, Pinckney and Ann Arbor, MI

Body Piercing: Lower right and left ear & center navel

Alias: Mona Ajami

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