Bryan Eumyr Vega-Velez On The Run For Allegedly Killing His Girlfriend And Fleeing Before His Trial

Authorities say Vega-Velez is originally from Puerto Rico and has ties to cities in Florida.

Bryan Eumyr Vega-Velez [US Marshals]

Bryan Eumyr Vega-Velez [US Marshals]

By: Michelle Sigona

Investigators say Bryan Eumyr Vega-Velez has been on the run since the summer of 2016 from Houston, TX. It was then that authorities say Alma D. Rivera-Melendez was found dead in the middle of the night, around 12:40 a.m., in the 9800 block of West Sam Houston Parkway.

On June 11, 2016, the pair, who were dating at the time, was arguing over text message, police say. It was when Vega-Velez came home that night that Alama was allegedly murdered. Vega-Velez was initially arrested and put behind bars for less than a year awaiting trial, but at some point he was able to bond out. It was then that he fled and has been wanted ever since.


Location of Crime: Houston, TX

Date of Crime: June 11, 2016

DOB: May 15, 1978

Height: 5’8” – 5’10”

Weight: 190 – 210 pounds

Hair: Black and balding

Eyes: Brown

Charges: Murder

Scars/Distinguishing Features: Large mole on forehead above eye and other facial moles

Last seen: Houston, TX

Known to work: In construction


Lived previously in Florida, both in Miami and on the western coast of the Florida peninsula. Originally, Vega-Velez is from Puerto Rico and he still has family there.

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