Accused Child Molestor Jason Hines Is On The Run From Arizona

Investigators say Jason Hines is a "master manipulator" with a number of tattoos featuring skulls on his body. He could be meeting women on dating websites, especially those with young children. If you have any information on where Jason Hines is hiding out, please text our hotline. John Walsh guarantees you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

October 20, 2021

Jason Hines [Mesa PD]

Jason Hines [Mesa PD]

By: Michelle Sigona

In 2017, according to authorities, a 16-year-old girl was arrested for shoplifting. During the intake process, the teen was asked about her background and home life. It was during this questioning, according to detectives, that it was revealed she was sexually abused years before when she was only 8-years-old.

The victim remembered the man who victimized her well - she said his name was Jason Hines and he was the father of one of her childhood friends.

The investigation uncovered a number of alleged incidents involving Hines and children. In 2013, a woman who met Hines on a dating website accused him of touching her daughters who were only 8 and 12-years-old at the time, but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him with a crime. Hines was questioned, but denied any inappropriate touching.

Then, three years later, a single mother who also met Hines on a dating site came forward and said he touched her 4-year-old daughter and took photos of the child. The child's mother went to police and they brought the child in for questioning, but once again they did not have enough to move forward with charges. Hines also allegedly claimed he was using his cell phone light to check the child after she used the bathroom.

It wasn't until 2017 when there was finally enough to arrest Hines for child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor and indecent exposure of his daughter's friend. Det. Jace Davis from Mesa Police told IN PURSUIT, "Jessica (the victim) gave validity and corroboration, we had a history, a pattern of Jason's behavior that gave truth to all the victims."

Jason Hines with Sandee Hines [Faebook]

Jason Hines with Sandee Hines [Faebook]

Authorities said Hines was facing a life sentence, but he had a strong person in his corner - his new wife Sandee Hines. Authorities said his wife Sandee helped him to raise money to bond out. Hines was released with an ankle monitor, but it's been many months since anyone has seen or heard from Sandee - and authorities and her loved ones fear the worst.

Andee Dinan, Sandee's mother, said, "I noticed in February of 2020 that Sandee had not made her January house payment. When I tried Sandee's phone, it had been disconnected."

Dinan said she tried Hines' phone and spoke to her daughter. Dinan asked her daughter if she was going to make the house payment and her daughter said "she was under a lot of stress and that she was trying." It was the last time Dinan ever spoke to her daughter and before they got off the phone she told Sandee,"love you much."

It's possible Hines may be back on dating websites meeting other women.

Investigators say Jason Hines is a "master manipulator" with a number of tattoos featuring skulls on his body. If you have any information on where Jason Hines is hiding out, or if you've seen Sandee Hines, please text our hotline. John Walsh guarantees you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE)

Jason Hines with tattoo details [Mesa PD]

Jason Hines with tattoo details [Mesa PD]

HEIGHT: 6 feet 1 inches

WEIGHT: 220 pounds

HAIR: Bald or brown

EYES: Hazel

RACE/SEX: White male

DOB: May 1979


CHARGES: (2) counts sexual conduct with a minor, (2) counts molestation of a child

CONNECTIONS TO: East Mesa, Apache Junction, AZ. Waterloo IA, Northern Arizona

CHARACTERISTICS: Changes his appearance frequently. Outdoorsman and he likes to camp. Could be operating a 4-door black sedan (possibly no license plate). Also known to drive motorcycles.

TATTOO: His initials "JAH" on upper left arm, skull on left side of his chest and colorful tattoo of a skull on his upper right arm. He also has a cross with skulls just below his neck.

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