Thanksgiving Tragedy: Can You Help Solve Dina Mosley's Murder?

If you have any information on the unsolved murder of Dina Mosley, please call CrimeStoppers in Ohio: 513-352-3040.

Dina Mosley [Ohio Attorney General's Office]

Dina Mosley [Ohio Attorney General's Office]

By: Michelle Sigona

Dina Mosley was known to her family as a caring person, someone anyone in her family could turn to for help or guidance, her loved ones say. This is why they are hoping someone will finally come forward with information as the anniversary of her murder approaches.

Police say 48-year-old Mosley was gunned down in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 23, 2017, around 10:45 p.m. on that Thanksgiving night.

WKRC reports on the day Mosley was murdered, she spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday with her family and memories were made. "The person that's responsible for taking Dina's life, they just don't know how much of an impact it's had to how bad and devastating that's been," Mosley's sister Rita Miller told the news station.

In 2018, Lieutenant Johnston with the Cincinnati Police told WKRC it's possible Mosely was going to spend time with her nephews, "The car that had the suspect in it or suspects was backing into this parking spot right here. Then, Ms. Mosley came around the corner. She came eastbound on Stonybrook and she turned and was starting to pull into this parking spot right here."

It's possible there was some kind of exchange between Mosely and someone in the other vehicle, police add. After the deadly incident, reports say Mosley was rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

One year after Mosley was murdered, investigators created posters about unsolved cases where she was featured. Those posters were placed behind bars in local jails and prisons.
Miller concludes, "Dina, she had a life and her life mattered."

If you have any information about this Thanksgiving tragedy, please call Crimestoppers: 513-352-3040

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Incident report provided by the Cincinnati Police Department.

Photo by: darjones


Incident report provided by the Cincinnati Police Department.

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