Fugitive Miguel Alcala Accused Of Killing Wife In Front Of Son

Miguel Alcala could be working in construction and may have ties to Monterray, Mexico.

Miguel Alcala [US Marshals]

Miguel Alcala [US Marshals]

By: Michelle Sigona

US Marshals say Miguel Alcala was traveling down a Ft. Worth, TX road when he got into an argument with his wife, Cecilia. The disagreement escalated and according to investigators he allegedly shot Cecila, opened the door and pushed her out of the vehicle. The couple's teenage son, who was a witness to his mother's murder, was not injured. After the crime US Marshals say Alcala got rid of his cell phone and car before fleeing.


DOB: November 17, 1966

WEIGHT: 165 pounds

HEIGHT: 5 feet 10 inches

CHARGE: Murder


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