Father Who Abducted Son Suspected Of Traveling The World To Avoid Capture

Last sighting of the father and son was in October 2009 in a hospital in Melaka, Ayer Keroh, Malaysia.

February 06, 2019
Eitan Blasingame; age-progressed to eight years [NECMEC]

Eitan Blasingame; age-progressed to eight years [NECMEC]

Eitan Blasingame; age-progressed to eight years [NECMEC]

By: Michelle Sigona

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PLANO, TX — It's been a long road for Diana Huynh, but she isn't giving up hope one day she will see her son again.

For more than 10 years, Huynh has been searching for her child, Eitan Blasingame. The toddler was only 18-months-old when police say he was taken from his mother by his biological father, Michael Blasingame, who then fled America for Mexico City.

Police say Eitan was snatched out of his mother's arms after his father was served divorce papers and sole custody was awarded to Huynh; he’s been missing since Febuary 28, 2008. Since that time, according to Huynh, Blasingame has reportedly threatened to hurt Eitan if she attempts to find them. There are reports that the two traveled to Germany, Yemen, Ethiopia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Michael Blasingame [NECMEC]

Michael Blasingame [NECMEC]

Michael Blasingame [NECMEC]

On April 18, 2009, according to a report from America’s Most Wanted, when Blasingame found out he was a wanted man he used his MySpace account to taunt authorities by posting this message:

"The will of God cannot be changed. Not by TV stations, or police departments, or guns, or bombs... To day that I threatened you is absolutely ridiculous. That I threatened my son or myself... Why? My son is with me. I am not sad, I am happy. We don't have a penny to our name. But yet we have never skipped a meal or slept on the street. If. You want to come for me. Then come.“

The same published report said Blasingame was obsessed at one point with converting to Judaism. He learned Hebrew and has the Start of David tattooed on his right shoulder. He reportedly stated in the past that he wanted to live in Israel. He also knows how to set up websites and online businesses, but has always been unsuccessful in his efforts.

Last sighting of the father and son was in October 20009 in a hospital in Melaka, Ayer Keroh, Malaysia.

NCMEC created an age-enhanced photo of what Eitan may have looked like at the age of eight. Michael Blasingame is wanted for international kidnapping and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.



  • Age currently: 12
  • Race: Asian
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Weight at time of disappearance: 35 pounds
  • Height at time of disappearance: 2 feet 6 inches tall
  • Eitan has a small lump of tissue under the skin behind his left ear.
Some of Michael Blasingame's tattoos [The Charley Project]

Some of Michael Blasingame's tattoos [The Charley Project]

Some of Michael Blasingame's tattoos [The Charley Project]


  • Race: Biracial, Caucasian and Asian
  • Sex: Male
  • Nicknames and Aliases: Mike, Tommy Bearden, Andy Michael Davis, Mike Lenard, Tim Rothschild.
  • Tattoos: Multiple tattoos on his right shoulder including a Star of David, word “pride” on his left forearm and left wrist
  • Languages: English, French, Chinese, Hebrew
  • Known to smoke cigarettes
  • Known to listen to country music, such as Garth Brooks and Keith Urban
  • Known to be computer savvy and will spend hours on the internet
  • Known to seek out people in other countries who speak English
  • Known to meet people online and then ask if he can stay with them


  • Louisiana
  • Madagascar
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Yemen
  • China
  • Ethiopia
  • France
  • Southeast Asia

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