Man Posing As Navy Seal On The Run For Failing To Register As Sex Offender

US Marshals said Bill Brockbrader, also known as William Brockbrader or Bill Wood, has previously earned a living by fixing the small lasers on the end of laser hair removal equipment for businesses. He's a convicted sex offender who pretends to be a Navy Seal and is wanted for failing to register and has a number of tattoos. Have you seen Bill Brockbrader? Call or text our hotline. Please remember, you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

September 01, 2021

Bill Brockbrader [US Marshals]

Bill Brockbrader [US Marshals]

By: Michelle Sigona

Bill Brockbrader was supposed to be a United States veteran, a loving husband and a doting father. He was supposed to protect, love and guide his family, but according to the US Marshals, he's lived in lies more than living in truth.

The case begins back in 1993 when Brockbrader's deception was finally revealed to his wife Tana. The couple had been married a short time and had recently had their first child, a son, when Tana's 11-year-old sister Janalyn flew to San Diego to help the couple with babysitting.

At the time, Brockbrader was in the Navy and Tana was doing a lot of the family's heavy lifting at home by herself. Janalyn not only went out to California from Idaho to help out that summer, but for the next three years she made the trip back to the Brockbrader home.

It wasn't until the summer after Janalyn turned 15 when her father sat her down and began to talk to her about some of the depression he was noticing in his child. Janalyn's father felt he noticed the biggest change in Janalyn when she would return home after spending the summers in San Diego. It was after one of those trips when he asked his daughter to write a letter to herself. Janalyn took her father's advice and wrote a letter. This is when the truth was finally revealed about what was happening at her sister's home, and she spoke about the abuse she endured.

Janalyn had been targeted and sexually assaulted summer after summer by Bill Brockbrader. She confided in her father that the abuse began when she was only 10-years-old. It was a trip in Idaho, it was a trip Brockbrader took back to Idaho with Tana for her grandfather's funeral when he first targeted her. Spending the summers on the West Coast was more of an opportunity to have full access to Janalyn.

A lengthy investigation revealed the truth to everyone, including the military, and Brockbrader was dishonorably discharged and tried in a military court. Ultimately, in 1998 he was found guilty of three counts of sexual offense against a minor. Brockbrader was sentenced to 11 years in prison, but only served three years behind bars for good behavior.

Upon his release, everyone would soon learn just how detached from his crimes and arrogant Brockbrader really was. For a period of two years, US Marshals said Brockbrader moved from various states and refused to register as a sex offender. Marshals said he was mainly bouncing from Utah to Las Vegas, NV. Authorities said Brockbrader was arrested twice for violating the Adam Walsh Act, and in 2012 he found himself in court again and on trial. Brockbrader was found guilty and sentenced to another 30 months behind bars in Seattle, Washington.

While out both times from his prison sentences, Brockbrader spent a lot of his time on the Internet, creating videos where he attacks his victim Janalyn and talks about how he was the victim and the target by the government. There are times when Brockbrader describes the sexual abuse as "consensual," even though the abuse with Janalyn began when she was only 10-years-old. During the show for the case on "In Pursuit with John Walsh" Host Callahan Walsh said Brockbrader had a new persona, and that "he created a new narrative about his naval record and his status as a registered sex offender... using the screed to erase his criminal history." Brockbrader claimed he was part of an elite Seal Team 9, which was another fabrication, especially because "Seal Team 9" does not exist.

Retired Navy Seal Don Shipley has been tracking Brockbrader for years and he knew Brockbrader was lying about his military service and specifically about serving as a Navy Seal. Shipley told Callahan Walsh he not only confronted Brockbrader online, but he also filed a civil lawsuit against him in 2012 for defamation. Shipley said, "He's using those claims specifically to cover up his sexually deviant past. Nothing that comes out of that guy's mouth is the truth."

In one video specifically, Brockbrader claims Janalyn was the one who pursued him and she was a liar. He specifically called her out in the video and threatened he was going to make a video of "all the details." It was continuous abuse, even from afar he was able to attack her as a person and try to damage her credibility. Janalyn told Callahan Walsh that all of her childhood and innocence were taken away from her.

After Brockbrader's second release from prison he was a little active on the Internet, making claims the government was conspiring against him. Then all communication stopped. In the spring of 2015 Brockbrader went dark and he's now on the run.

Brockbrader is addicted to sex and may spend time at swingers clubs in and out of the country, according to investigators. His hair may be thinning, or thinner on top. Brockbrader is from Utah. He has the words "Honor," "Courage" and "Commitment" written in Arabic on his upper back. Brockbrader is flying under the radar, refuses to register as a sex offender and is known to be a womanizer. He also specializes in fixing the lasers on laser hair removal tools for salons.

Have you seen Bill Brockbrader? Call or text our hotline. Please remember, as John Walsh always says, you can remain anonymous: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

WEIGHT: 165 pounds
HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches tall
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green
SEX: White male
CHARGE: Failure to register as as sex offender

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