Fugitive Jacob Blair Scott Captured Less Than 24 Hours After Being Placed On 15 Most Wanted List

It's the fastest apprehension of a fugitive in the 37-year history of the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted program.

January 30, 2020

Jacob Blair Scott [US Marshals]

Jacob Blair Scott [US Marshals]

Less than 24 hours after he was placed on the US Marshal's 15 Most Wanted Fugitive list and just a few hours after being featured on In Pursuit With John Walsh fugitive Jacob Blair Scott was arrested at an Antlers, Oklahoma RV park just after midnight early Thursday morning.

Authorities say Scott was indicted on 14 counts total related to the alleged abuse he subjected his stepdaughter to from November 2016 - February 2017, including: touching of a child for lustful purposes, exploitation of a minor, sexual battery and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Scott planned to plead guilty, but before this happened US Marshals say he faked his death by suicide.

In an official US Marshals news release lead investigator Jeremy Stilwell revealed that within hours of announcing Scott's inclusion on the 15 Most Wanted Fugitive's list a tipster called the Pushamataha Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma claiming that a man fitting Scott's description was staying in an RV park. “After sheriff’s deputies looked up Scott’s information, they saw he was wanted by the Marshals and immediately relayed the tip to us. We then worked with the local authorities to develop a plan for his arrest" added Stillwell.

U.S. Marshals Assistant Director for Investigative Operations Jeff Tyler claimed “This all-out media blitz led to a critical citizen tip that ultimately resulted in the fastest apprehension of a fugitive in the 37-year history of the 15 Most Wanted program.”

Scott is currently being held at the Pittsburg County Jail in Oklahoma and awaits extradition back to Mississippi.

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