Former Youth Minister Jeffrey Forrest Wanted For Alleged Aggravated Sexual Assault

It's possible that he may have lost a significant amount of weight since being on the run.

By: Michelle Sigona

A young Texas boy was keeping a dark secret for many years. The courageous child, from Abilene, finally got up the nerve to speak out, coming forward asking for help. When the victim spoke, those around him listened. The child went into detail about what he endured over a long period of time at the hands, allegedly, of Jeffrey Forrest. The victim, according to police, said Forrest was sexually abusing him.

Quickly, an investigation kicked off into the allegations and in the small town of Abilene word spread quickly. During this time, other victims came forward, police say. What investigators soon realized was Forrest was involved with several churches and had access to dozens of victims.

On April 2, 2015, Forrest was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Authorities say he posted bond and was released, but he didn't stick around long. Forrest fled and has been on the run ever since. US Marshals consider him armed and dangerous.

Case Details

Location of crime: Abilene, TX

Date of crime: 1993-2016

DOB: 12/1/1971

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 255lbs

Charges: (2 cts) Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child, UFAP, Bail Jumping, Failure to Appear

Has ties to: Los Angeles, CA

Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Last seen: Mexico & Del Rio, TX

Known to work: In the construction field

Tattoo: On calf Star Wars Symbol

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Last seen: Mexico & Del Rio, TX


- Known to bite his nails to the stub

- Known to drink hard liquor heavily

- Extremely loud talker and likes to be the center of attention

- Extremely savvy with computers

- Likely uses the Dark Web and disguises his IP addresses

- Known to frequently make purchases from Amazon and other sites online

- Always wears contact lenses and not glasses

- Has attempted previous contact with his children and ex-wife

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