Darryl Walker On the Run After Allegedly Murdering Cancer Survivor and Setting Her House On Fire

If you have any information on Darryl Walker please contact our hotline directly. You can always remain anonymous and you can text information 24/7: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

September 08, 2021

Darryl Walker [Richmond County Sheriff's Office]

Darryl Walker [Richmond County Sheriff's Office]

By: Michelle Sigona

It was a hot July day in 2018 when firefighters in Georgia were alerted to a house fire in Richmond County by an off-duty firefighter. As first responders entered the home to put out the flames, and once the smoke cleared, they discovered the body of a deceased female.

The woman inside was later identified as Monique Johnson, someone who lived on the property for about a year prior. The autopsy revealed that it wasn't the fire that killed her. Investigators believe the home had been intentionally set on fire and Monique was killed prior to the flames taking over. She had been shot in the right side of her head, investigators said, and gasoline was poured near her body. In fact, according to authorities a gas can was found at the scene. This appeared to be an intentional murder.

Monique was a mother, a cancer survivor and a twin sister. Her twin, Michelle, spoke to "In Pursuit with John Walsh" Host Callahan Walsh.

It wasn't long before family and investigators soon learned more about a new man Monique was dating. Richland County Lt. Lucas Grant said his name was "Darryl" and Monique met him at a local laundromat.

Through the course of the investigation the boyfriend "Darryl" was positively identified as then 56-year-old Darryl Walker, and he came with a startling past.

What no one knew was Walker was out on parole after an incident involving kidnapping with bodily injury, raping and burglarizing his ex-wife in 2000. Michelle said her sister always found the good in others and always believed in second chances and Walker lied to her sister. He seemed to have an explanation or excuse for everything.

It's believed Monique later found out about Walker's ankle monitor and past, and that's when she confided in her son that she was going to leave Walker.

As Lt. Grant combed the scene, he located a receipt from the day of the murder. It was from a local Wendy's fast-food restaurant. Grant went to the Wendy's on the afternoon of the crime and pulled the video footage. On tape it showed Walker purchasing food and then returning to Monique's home to eat what he purchased. Authorities said the purchase was made within hours of her murder.

As for Walker's ankle monitor, it was pinging at Monique's house just prior to the murder as well. Prosecutors say that after the murder Walker went to the laundromat where he worked and allegedly cut off his ankle monitor at the location and fled.

Walker was born in Augusta, GA and has two grown children. He previously spent 16 years in prison. Prior to Monique's murder authorities say he was out of prison for two years. He's described as "dangerous" and "desperate." It's also possible he could be blending into a community or even living in a homeless shelter.

The vehicle Walker may have been driving was abandoned in Raleigh, NC. US Marshals also confirm the last sighting of Walker was in Richmond, VA at a CVS. He went to an ATM to get money and made some purchases. Walker was seen on tape, according to the Marshals, with someone else who has not been identified.

If you know anything about where Darryl Walker is hiding out, please contact our hotline. You can text or call directly to: 833-378-7783 (3-PURSUE).

HEIGHT: 5 feet 8 inches tall

WEIGHT: 127 pounds (at the time he fled in 2018)

HAIR: Salt and pepper (may be more grey now)

EYES: Brown

SEX: Black male

DOB: Born in 1965

CONNECTIONS TO: Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC

LOCATION OF CRIME: Richland County, GA

DATE OF CRIME: July 20, 2018

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