Because of You William Stanson Has Been Captured in Mexico

An In Pursuit With John Walsh viewer tipped off authorities to the location of fugitive William Stanson after recently seeing the alleged child abuser featured on the show.

February 05, 2020

William Stanson in Mexico [photo provided by Guardia Estatal de Seguridad, Baja California, MX]

By: Julien McNab

Shortly after being featured in an episode of In Pursuit With John Walsh alleged child abuser William Stanson has been captured in Mexico.

A viewer in a small community in Baja called the tipline to claim that William Stanson was her neighbor, had a wife and pets and was working construction on homes in their area. As detailed in his profile, the tipster also made the observation that the suspect walked with a limp. Crucially, the tipster included a Facebook profile.

Upon clicking on the profile Lead Detective Tyler Roots knew right away that it was Stanson. Roots immediately alerted the FBI and a plan was set in motion that led to the eventual arrest of Stanson this past Tuesday. After being briefly detained in Mexico Stanson was extradited to San Diego, and in the next few days will be transferred to Michigan, where he'll face charges of first degree sexual assault of a minor, failing to appear for sentencing for a charge of accosting a minor, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

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