Anthonette Cayedito Vanished In Middle Of Night, Last Seen Wearing Pink Nightgown

The 9-year-old went missing from her New Mexico childhood home in 1986. If you have any information on where Anthonette Cayedito could be, please call the FBI directly: 505-889-1300.

Anthonette Cayedito at 9 years old in 1986 [left]; Anthonette Cayedito age progressed to 36 years old [right]. Cayedito is biracial (Native American and white). Cayedito has freckles, pierced ears, a scar on her knee, and a scar on her lip. She has moles on her back, right cheek, nose, left and right hands, and her right ankle.

9-year-old Anthonette Cayedito went missing from her New Mexico childhood home in 1986. If you have any information on where she could be, please call the FBI directly: 505-889-1300.

Photo by: FBI


By: Michelle Sigona

On April 6, 1986, authorities said Anthonette Cayedito went missing from her childhood home in Gallup, New Mexico. It was in the 200 block of Arnold Street, according to reports, when Anthonette vanished after there was a knock at the door. The then 9-year-old child was last seen wearing a pink nightgown, the reports add.

Wendy Montoya, Anthonette's younger sister, spoke out to the Albuquerque Journal about her sister. She said although her loved one was so young, she was already stepping into the parental role. “The story I always heard was that Anthonette was like our mommy. She made sure all our clothes were ironed for the week, made sure we were fed and the house was clean. When our mom went out, we usually had adult supervision, but a majority of times it was my sister helping the babysitter take care of us,” Montoya, who was only five years old at the time, remembers.

Montoya believes her sister likely vanished sometime between 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. It was around 7 a.m. when the girls were awakened to go to bible school, the report continued. One year after Anthonette’s disappearance, reportedly there was a phone call from “...someone with a young voice claiming to be Anthonette and saying she was in Albuquerque. Before the call could be traced, the voice of an angry man was heard shouting, ‘Who said you could use the phone?’ Then came the sound of a scuffle, a scream, nothing."

In 2021, on the 35th anniversary of the case, reportedly the FBI renewed the search to find Anthonette. acting Special Agent in Charge at the time, Eric S. Brown, Sr. said, "We are asking anyone who might have information about this case to come forward now and to help us find Anthonette."


- She stood 4 feet 7 inches tall (when she was 9-years-old)

- When she disappeared, she weighed 55 pounds

- She was last seen wearing a pink nightgown

- Known to have freckles

- Ears were pierced

- Moles on her back, nose, ankle, right cheek and hands

- Has worn a silver chain with turquoise cross pendant previously

- Wore glasses

According to the FBI, Anthonette had freckles at the time and her ears were pierced. Agents said there was a scar on her knee and lip. She was born on Christmas Day in 1976. Anthonette also wore glasses.

The FBI is also using the Navajo language to help reach those in Anthonette's community, and beyond, KOAT reports. The goal is to reportedly help close unsolved cases. FBI Spokesperson Frank Fisher told the local station, "The FBI is going to communicate any way we can that makes it easier for people who may have information to contact us. It's justice for these victims and their families that we're after."

If you have any information, please contact the FBI directly 505-889-1300 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-THE-LOST.

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