A 12-Year Manhunt Ends With FBI Top 10 Most Wanted In Handcuffs

Yaser Said, a 63-year-old taxicab driver, went on the run after allegedly killing both of his daughters in cold blood in Texas on New Year's Day in 2008.

August 27, 2020
Yaser Abdel Said

Yaser Abdel Said

Yaser Abdel Said [FBI]

Photo by: Yaser Abdel Said [FBI]

Yaser Abdel Said [FBI]

By: Michelle Sigona

The FBI says capital murder suspect 63-year-old Yaser Abdel Said is now in custody after being arrested this week in Justin, TX. Agents confirm Said is currently in federal custody and will be transferred to Dallas County to face capital murder charges.

Investigators say that on New Year's Day 2008, two young girls were found shot to death in a taxi in front of a hotel. The investigation later uncovered 18-year-old Amina Said and her sister, 17-year-old Sarah, went for a ride in their father's taxicab. The FBI says at the time, the girls were estranged from Said, but he convinced them to go.

Said told his girls he was taking them to get something to eat, instead, he's accused of shooting them both in cold blood. The FBI says the Lewisville High School teens died of multiple gunshot wounds.

A 911 call was later released and Sarah was heard begging for help: "I'm dying. Oh my God. Stop it." Initially, according to reports, authorities couldn't figure out where the call came in from. It wasn't until an hour later when someone called from the Irving motel when the pieces to the case began to come together.

Reports say Gail Gattrell, the sisters' great-aunt, has considered the murders an "honor killing." This is when a female is murdered by a relative to protect the family's honor, CBS reports. It's believed Sarah possibly went on a date with a non-Muslim.

Since that fateful day, Said has been running. He was placed on the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted in 2014. The local Irving Police and other agencies never gave up on finding this dangerous suspect.

“Even after 12 years of frustration and dead ends, the pursuit for their killer never ceased. Today’s arrest of their father, Yaser Said brings us closer to ensuring justice is served on their behalf," Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey said.

Brother Yassim Said, Yaser Said, and son Islam Said [Irving PD]

Brother Yassim Said, Yaser Said, and son Islam Said [Irving PD]

According to CBS DFW, Said's brother, Yassim Said, and Said's son, Islam Said, were both arrested as well. They are reportedly facing charges for harboring a fugitive.

Said was the 504th fugitive to be featured on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted.

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