Bartender Arrested For Serving Drunk Man Who Left The Bar & Fatally Shot 8 People

Lindsey Glass allegedly continued to serve Spencer Hight alcoholic beverages after he spun a knife on the bar.

May 07, 2019

Photo by: Mug shot of Lindsey Glass [Collin County Sheriff’s Office]

Mug shot of Lindsey Glass [Collin County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Catherine Townsend

PLANO, TX — The Texas bartender who allegedly served alcohol to a man who later fatally shot eight people, including his wife, has been arrested.

Lindsey Glass, 27, has been charged with violating the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code’s restrictions on “sale to certain persons,” according to records obtained by People.

The charges filed against Glass relate to alleged criminal negligence in serving alcohol to a known alcoholic, a mentally unstable person, or someone who is already heavily intoxicated.

The online complaint alleges Glass was working at a bar called the Local Public House in Plano on September 10, 2017. During her shift, according to the complaint, she served 32-year-old Spencer Hight.

According to a report from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission cited by The Dallas Morning News, Hight visited the bar twice that afternoon and had five drinks. While drinking at the location, he was seen on surveillance video pulling out a long knife, which he spun on the bar.

Security video showed Spencer Hight spinning a knife on the bar at the Local Public House in Plano, Texas.

Photo by: Spencer Hight [ABC 8/screenshot]

Spencer Hight [ABC 8/screenshot]

Security video showed Spencer Hight spinning a knife on the bar at the Local Public House in Plano, Texas.

Glass allegedly continued to serve Hight alcoholic beverages after he took out the knife — and a gun — and after she texted another bartender, Timothy Banks, about Hight's bizarre behavior, saying that Hight was "drunk and being weird."

One text allegedly read: “Spencer has a big knife on the bar and is spinning it and just asked for his tab and said I have to go do some dirty work … Psychoooooooo.”

Banks reportedly came into the bar and confronted Hight, escorting him to his car and telling him to put the knife and gun away. According to the report, Hight drove away but Banks and Glass were still concerned, so called 911.

After leaving the Local Public House, Hight drove to the residence where his estranged wife, Meredith Hight, was hosting a cookout and football party with friends.

Spencer and Meredith were in the process of divorcing, and the Cowboys football party was the first event she had hosted on her own.

He fatally shot Meredith and seven others before being shot dead by police. It's alleged that Spencer had a history of abusing Meredith and that he also dealt with a drinking problem.

In addition to Meredith, the deceased victims were Rion Morgan, 31; Anthony "Tony" Cross, 33; James Dunlop, 29; Olivia Deffner, 24; Darryl Hawkins, 22; Myah Bass, 28; and 25-year-old Caleb Edwards.

The toxicology report showed that Hight was four times over the legal limit at the time of the murders.

If found guilty, Glass faces up to a year in jail and $500 in fines.

Scott Palmer, Glass' lawyer, said in a statement to NBC News that the charges against his client have no merit.

"It is shameful of the Plano Police Department to go after the person who was vital in trying to stop the horrific events of that evening," Palmer said. "When Lindsey went to work on September 10, 2017 there was no suggestion that her life would change forever — certainly no suggestion that (Spencer) Hight would do something to forever change Lindsey's life. But as the events of that evening slowly unfolded into a gory and tragic climax, Lindsey stands as the only person who tried to stop Spencer Hight. To prosecute her for her acts that night is wrong. Lindsey Glass is the person who called 911. Not only did she know Spencer, but she was friends with Meredith and was supposed to be at the party that evening.”

Last year, some of the victims' relatives filed a civil lawsuit against the bar and Glass in which they accused her of being negligent in serving Hight. The lawsuit was later dropped.

In a settlement with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the Local Public House agreed to give up its liquor license in 2018, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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