'Distraught' Couple Spies Repairman on Video Sniffing Their Young Girls' Panties

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Photo by: screenshot from Nest camera footage

screenshot from Nest camera footage

PLAYA VISTA, CA — A mom and dad caught a repairman on video gathering and sniffing their young daughters’ panties when he was supposed to be making repairs in the family’s Playa Vista home.

On September 19, the contractor headed to the girls’ room, where he was tasked with fixing scratches on the floor that a moving company had left behind.

Instead, a Nest camera located on a crib captured the repairman rummaging through a clothes hamper and grabbing the kids’ undergarments.

Jason Cooper, dad to the three- and five-year-old girls, told KTLA about his shock when he later checked the surveillance video and watched the man “picking up a pair of underwear, one of my daughters’ dirty underwear, turning around from the camera, but you can see him bringing it to his face.” The repairman then stashed a pair in his pocket.

“My wife thought he might have been a little bit creepy, but I didn’t catch any red flags,” Cooper recalled of his first impressions of the man. “I would have never imagined that somebody would do this.”

After Cooper reviewed the disturbing footage, he filed a report with the police and called to confront the sketchy repairman, who gasped in response.

Cooper told the man he planned to share the incident on social media and refused to give the alleged creeper time to apologize or explain himself.

“This gentleman violated a five-year-old’s and three-year-old’s privacy, my family’s privacy,” Cooper said. “Obviously my wife and I are really distraught over this and we want other people to know.”

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