A Neighborhood Found Itself Held Hostage To The Whims Of An Angry Man

Jason Clark’s old neighbors were glad to see him when he moved home to help care for his mother, but things soon took a frightening turn.

46-year-old Jason Clark was sentenced to 40 years in prison for terrorizing and stalking his neighbors in 2017.

Jason Clark’s old neighbors were glad to see him when he moved home to help care for his mother, but things soon took a frightening turn.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Fear Thy Neighbor")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Fear Thy Neighbor")

Jason Clark, a telecommunications worker, had been away from his family’s home for some time, and the neighbors he had known as a child in Dalraida, Alabama, were happy to see the polite man come back into the fold.

Things seemed great in the neighborhood until a young woman moved into the house next door to the Clarks. Jason was polite to her at first — until her dog had puppies.

The yipping and noise from the dogs annoyed Jason and his mother, and Jason confronted his neighbor, who assured him that all the dogs would be going to new homes as soon as they were big enough. The explanation wasn’t enough. Jason sued his neighbor, and a judge ultimately fined her $500.

Another neighbor, Sara Chandler, testified that she had never heard the dogs barking.

Her testimony, in the eyes of Jason, was an utter betrayal. When she received a threatening phone call later that afternoon, she was certain it was Jason and called the police, who couldn’t make an arrest without proof.

The lack of action from law enforcement only seemed to embolden the once-beloved man.

Escalating and Erratic Behavior

Neighbors with whom Jason had always been friendly were suddenly his targets. Jason began taunting the neighborhood watch captain by making sexual innuendos about his wife. He regularly slinked around the bushes in a ghillie suit just to jump out and startle the neighbors.

Repeated calls to police did nothing — Jason seemed untouchable in what the cops perceived as a petty neighborhood spat.

The feud took a more threatening step when Sara arrived home from work one day to find her front door windows shot out and bullets lodged in her walls. Down the street, more neighbors found their dogs dead from poison.

Jason’s harassment continued when he installed floodlights aimed at Sara’s home and began tormenting her by flashing lights in her windows. Again, Sara called the cops, but the lights would be shut off when they arrived in the neighborhood.

Neighbors began coordinating against Jason and installed security cameras to catch his antics, but he still seemed to be one step ahead of them. He seemed to have their schedules memorized to the minute.

It didn’t take long before the neighbors heard a new sound — it was recordings of their phone calls to 911 and to each other being blasted over the loudspeakers in Jason’s yard.

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