'Casey Anthony: The Movie' — Is A Racy & Revealing Biopic Coming To A Theater Near You?

The notorious mom has allegedly announced a film about her hard-partying life and what she claims is a cover-up in daughter Caylee's death, noting, “There will be sex scenes.”

June 03, 2019
Mug shot of Casey Anthony [Pinellas County Jail]

Photo by: Mug shot of Casey Anthony [Pinellas County Jail]

Mug shot of Casey Anthony [Pinellas County Jail]

By: Mike McPadden

ORLANDO, FL — According to multiple media reports, Casey Anthony is reportedly beginning work on a movie based on her life before and after the 2008 death of her two-year-daughter, Caylee, and that it will be ready for audiences some time next year.

London’s Daily Mail specifically reports that the production will be titled As I Was Told, and that it will be shot by first-time filmmakers with amateur actors in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

In an interview with the Mail, Anthony reportedly makes a number of strong statements about the movie’s content, the most shocking of which may be what she says is the revelation of a cover-up in Caylee’s death and the period when the child was missing.

Anthony allegedly informed the Mail that she had seen Caylee’s remains looking “wet, as if she had drowned,” and that she was told to cover up the death. She stated that the movie “will show a man saying, ‘Live your life as normal, I will take care of it.’”

Reportedly, Anthony said the man’s name can not yet be revealed for legal purposes, and that the names of other figures in the saga will be changed for the movie.

The Mail goes on to quote Anthony stating of the film, “It will make it clear that I had no part in Caylee's death as far as how she died… It will show the tears and the turmoil that I truly went through and the anxiety and hardship after I was released when I actually had time to mourn… Regardless of what the media has depicted of me, I am not a monster. I just don't show my sadness.”

In addition, the Daily Mail reports Anthony said, “It will have me in jail. The way everything that was presented in court will be the way it is played out in the movie.”

As for partying while Caylee was missing, Anthony reportedly said, “Yes, I drank and carried on like nothing happened… A normal me is to go to bars. However, I didn't go to many bars; those pictures the media have are from my life before Cays was even born and while she was still with us… How many pictures have they got of me really partying for 31 days? Wow, a hot body contest to promote a club, with several pictures of the same night…. People can spin that around as they like, I don't care.”

Detailing the plot of the movie, Anthony is quoted saying, “The very beginning will have a girl looking at the pregnancy test strip. Many flashbacks to parts of my life… There will be sex scenes. My character with different men, mainly sexual. It will show partying, drinking days leading up to my pregnancy. It is all confusing, then the day I conceive — moving forward with that.”

Anthony further said, according to The Daily Mail, “Many things that no one has ever heard about will be in this movie. That no one knows about but myself and some close friends. One night my friend had dropped me off at the house before I was ever pregnant. I was drunk, this was after a party, I got home, and I slept in the yard. In the grass. I woke up to a neighbor's lawnmower. I went around to the water hose and cleared my face, then went inside to my mom saying, 'Good morning, you look like you had a rough night.' I said nothing, went to the shower, where I sat and cried.”

Anthony also reportedly said she doesn’t know why the first-time film crew chose North Carolina, but added, “It has to have a beach, because a lot of my partying is on the beach.”

While news of As I Was Told has reportedly already stirred controversy, Anthony told the Daily Mail she’s not in it for financial gain, allegedly stating, “I care nothing about making money from this. A real movie based on my version of true events, from when I was in my teens until my jail experience. It would be a low-grade movie. Nothing like Paramount.'

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