Cookie Monster: Police Hunt Elderly Woman Who Helped Steal $1000 From Girl Scouts

New Jersey police are hunting an elderly woman with a walker and a second male suspect whom they suspect of teaming up to steal $1,000 from Girl Scouts selling cookies at a mall.

January 22, 2019

Photo of Girl Scout Troop 80062 [Jessica Cunha Medina / Facebook via WABC (screenshot)]

Photo of Girl Scout Troop 80062 [Jessica Cunha Medina / Facebook via WABC (screenshot)]

By: Catherine Townsend

New Jersey police are hunting an elderly woman with a walker and a second male suspect whom they suspect of teaming up to steal $1,000 from Girl Scouts selling cookies at a mall.

The members of troop 80062 were selling cookies for $4 per box last Friday at the Woodbridge Center Mall when two suspects allegedly swiped $1,000 worth of cash and checks. A scout leader who was there, Jessica Cunha Medina, wrote about the incident on social media. She posted that a troop leader was on her way to the bank with an envelope full of cash when she paused for a moment to help the girls. The leader put the envelope on the table – and that’s when the suspect made his move. Woodbridge police say around $500 in cash and $500 in checks was taken between 4:20pm and 4:50pm. Cunha Medina wrote in a post: “The suspect then reached over the table and took the bank deposit envelope quickly snatching it and putting it into his pocket and anxiously heard saying ‘let’s go; let’s go’ to the elderly person with him.” “Before blinking an eye the envelope was swiped when least expected. Within a moment the troop had learned the bank deposit envelope was there and then had quickly vanished. The troop alerted mall security, who called 911.

"The suspects, who could be in disguise, were identified on (retailer) Boscov’s mall surveillance, however, have not yet been located and we are being told footage is unclear," Cunha Medina wrote. The second suspect is described as being a white male, around 6’2, who “appeared to be special needs.” However, Cunha Medina said the man rocking back and forth could have been a deliberate tactic to distract the girls, according to the New York Post. "Honest to God, the good in my heart wants to truly believe this is a misunderstanding and he simply didn’t know or was aware of what he was doing," she wrote.

"Despite Friday’s occurrence, Girl Scouts of Girl Scout Multi Level Troop 80062 were not deterred by the incident, they continued on with their cookie sales throughout the weekend. Today we clean our slates, remain positive and will be spreading love, laughter and Cookies throughout our cookie entire season."

Even after the theft, the girls continued to sell cookies - and hundreds of angry commenters took to social media to voice their outrage as TV news stations in New York and New Jersey reached out to Cunha Medina. She quoted troop leader Stacey Cacchione, who said: “We will pull up our Girl Scouts pants, put on our vests and venture out again. We will not be held back by cowardly thieves.”

The girls had raised around $1,200 before the theft, according to WABC, and according to Girl Scout guidelines the troop will be held responsible for the missing money.

The investigation continues.

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