This Woman Poisoned Her Husband's Lucky Charms To Avoid Having Sex With Him

Andrea Heming has been on the run after she confessed to dosing her then-husband’s bowl of Lucky Charms with drugs.

March 30, 2017

Andrea Heming [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police]

Andrea Heming [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police]

By: Catherine Townsend

For one unlucky husband in Nevada, his bowl of magically delicious breakfast cereal turned out to be maliciously poisonous.

Andrea Heming, 49, has been on the run for the past two years after she confessed to dosing her then-husband’s bowl of Lucky Charms with drugs, according to WFLA.

According to published reports, the suspect claims her reasoning behind the alleged poisoning is so she didn’t have to have unwanted sex with her husband. "I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection." she allegedly told police.

Heming pleaded guilty to contaminating the food, and faced a possible sentence of 15 years in prison.

But she skipped town after paying her $50,000 bail, and failed to attend her sentencing hearing. Authorities say they believe she may have fled to her native country of Mexico.

According to Fox 5 New York, Heming’s ex-husband, identified only as "Ralph," says he collected video of his wife putting powder in food only given specifically to him.

He also reportedly told authorities that Heming admitted to him that when she was working as a flight attendant and had an unruly passenger, “She actually put sedatives in her drink.”

Ralph has also told reporters that he is "surprised" police do not have better systems in place for locating fugitives like his ex-wife.

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