Three Teens Indicted In Brutal Attack Of Their Football Teammate

Three Texas teenagers are facing up to 20 years behind bars after they allegedly nearly beat their football teammate to death.

March 29, 2022
Cole Hagan was the victim of a beating by his football teammates. Cole is a teen with dark hair. Inset are the mugshots of the teens alleged to have attacked Cole: Ayden Holland, Logan Huber, and Reid Mitchell

Cole Hagan (main) was the victim of a beating by his football teammates (inset, l-r) Ayden Holland, Logan Huber, and Reid Mitchell

Photo by: Brazoswood High School via Facebook [main]; Lake Jackson Police Department [inset]

Brazoswood High School via Facebook [main]; Lake Jackson Police Department [inset]

Three Texas teenagers are facing two to 20 years behind bars after they allegedly nearly beat a teammate to death. On March 24, 2022, a Texas grand jury indicted the teens on felony aggravated assault in the second degree, and they were all charged as adults.

The victim, 16-year-old Cole Hagan, had high hopes of one day playing professional football, but he was beaten so badly that he will likely never be able to play football again, according to his brother Cory Hagan. Cole suffered from a broken collar bone, two skull fractures, and a brain bleed, among other injuries, reported the Stateline Sports Network.

The planned attack happened when Hagan went to a pool party on Dec. 3, 2021, at a private home on Cherrywood Court in Lake Jackson, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Ayden Holland and Logan Huber, who he knew from Brazoswood High School, lured Hagan outside by telling him that his truck had been hit, according to Insider.

Once the teens got Cole Hagan outside, he was jumped and beaten by Reid Mitchell, 17, who had allegedly planned the whole attack for several days. Logan Huber, one of the teens who had lured Hagan outside, told police that he witnessed, "Reid Mitchell punch Cole Hagan, bear hug him, slam him to the ground and then get on top of him and elbow him in the face." Another witness observed that Hagan was beaten with three or four hard elbow blows.

After he was severely beaten, the teens allegedly simply discarded the victim. Cory Hagan, Cole’s brother, told ABC 13 Eyewitness News, "They left him in the road after they finished attacking him and then texted one of his friends that were in the backyard of this house to say, 'Hey come get your boy out of the street.' They left him in the street, people who were supposed to be his friends."

Hagan’s family members called this a “bizarre” and “heinous act.” The Hagan family has filed a lawsuit against the accused, other classmates, and some of their parents. The family is seeking more than $50 million in damages.

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