Unmasked: 6 Times Criminals Wore Creepy Costumes To Commit Crimes

The man who was dressed as the horror villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, pulled out a shotgun and opened fire.

October 15, 2018
A costumed reveler, not the subject of the article. [Quintinense via Wikimedia Commons]

A costumed reveler, not the subject of the article. [Quintinense via Wikimedia Commons]

A costumed reveler, not the subject of the article. [Quintinense via Wikimedia Commons]

By: Catherine Townsend

Halloween is coming, and that means lots of eerie masks. It can be nerve-wracking opening the door for trick-or-treaters, not knowing who is really on your doorstep.

Not surprisingly, criminals often hide their identities behind scary costumes and masks. Check out these six cases, in preparation for the premiere of the new Investigation Discovery show Unmasked!

Little Caesars Worker Kills Attacker Wearing Creepy Clown Mask

Police are investigating a fatal incident involving an “evil clown” that occurred outside a Little Caesars pizza franchise on May 28, 2018.

Just before midnight, a man in an “evil clown” mask reportedly lurked outside the Little Caesars outlet in Holly Hill. The unidentified suspect then allegedly attacked employee Heriberto Feliciano, 28, as the worker was leaving the restaurant.

Feliciano in turn, reportedly shot the assailant, who was taken to a hospital where he later died from wounds.

The whole creepy incident was apparently captured on video. Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldrich said it appeared that the masked man “ambushed” the employee by hitting Feliciano with a wooden board, pinning him to the ground, and attempting to stab the worker with a pair of scissors.

The tape then reportedly shows Feliciano fatally shooting the suspect. [Fox News]

Gun-Toting Gorilla Robs Convenience Store

A suspect in Piedmont, Alabama, tried to outwit police by robbing a convenience store at gunpoint while wearing a gorilla mask.

Officers were called around 10:45 P.M. on a Friday night in May 2018 to a robbery call at Discount Food Mart in Piedmont.

When they arrived, the clerk told police that a man walked in wearing a gorilla mask and robbed the store at gunpoint.

After taking an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect fled on foot, according to the Piedmont Police Department’s Facebook page.

Witnesses said the suspect was about five feet, 10 inches tall, and weighed between 200 and 220 pounds.

In addition to the gorilla mask, the suspect was wearing a green sweatshirt and dark shorts.

At least one witness saw the assailant running from the store, but lost sight of them at the intersection of Anniston Avenue and Calhoun Street, according to police. [WPXI]

Nightmare In Texas

Two male party crashers caused panic at a Halloween celebration northwest side of San Antonio.

One of the men, who was dressed as the horror villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series —Freddy Krueger — pulled out a shotgun and opened fire.

The shooting injured four men and one woman. [San Antonio Express News]

One-Armed Clown Spotted Walking In Woods With Machete

The Maine States Police got a shock in July 2017 when they responded to multiple 911 calls in the town of Hollis concerning a “creepy clown” that was brandishing a machete and wandering along a wooded roadside.

Officers spotted Corey Berry, 31, drunkenly strolling along while wearing a black hoodie and an evil-faced clown mask. He also had a machete duct-taped to his amputated left arm.

Berry fled into a patch of trees, but police were able to catch him after a chase.

Corey Berry [Maine State Police]

Corey Berry [Maine State Police]

Corey Berry [Maine State Police]

Berry told officers that he was just playing a prank and copying other “creepy clown” sighting scenarios. [Bangor Daily News]

Scream-Masked Marauder Holds Up Multiple Chicago-Area Hotels

On October 18, police in the Chicago suburb of Warrenville, Illinois, reported a that a husky fellow in a Scream mask robbed two local hotels in rapid succession.

He first hit the Hyatt House Hotel, followed shortly thereafter by the Residence Inn, making off with undisclosed amounts of cash each time.

Aside from the mask, the suspect is described as being male, approximately six feet tall, weighing approximately 230 pounds, and wearing a black hoodie, pants, and gloves as well as black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star gym shoes with white laces and rubber soles. [WGN]

Santa Monica Home Invader in Scream Mask Shoots Homeowner

A hoodie-clad man wearing a Scream mask broke into a Santa Monica residence at around 6:20 A.M. on August 30, after what police described as an all-night “social gathering.”

The homeowner struggled with the intruder, who shot him. The wound was nonfatal and the victim recovered.

Neighbors expressed shock as the area is typically so serene that the only concern of note had been streets being taken over by “too many joggers.” [KABC-7]

Tune in to the premiere of Unmasked Monday, October 15 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery!
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