Pregnant Virginia Mother Of Three Vanishes After Hanging Out With Friends

The married lead investigator on the missing-person case resigned after police learned he was romantically involved with her, according to reports.

On Oct. 18, 2003, Rachel Good, 20, disappeared from Elkton, Virginia. Good is a white female, 5'4, and weighs 180 pounds.

Over two decades have passed since Rachel Good, a mother of three who was believed to be 10 weeks pregnant, disappeared one early fall evening in Virginia.

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By: Aaron Rasmussen

Over two decades have passed since a mother of three who was believed to be 10 weeks pregnant disappeared one early fall evening in Virginia.

Around 6 p.m. on Oct. 18, 2003, Rachel Good, 20, was with friends in a parking lot that’s located behind the Elkton Volunteer Fire Department.

According to witnesses, Good entered a Dodge Neon, which then drove away. Around noon the day after Good went missing, a red truck with a still-unidentified driver was seen near her home. Police reportedly hope to locate and speak with the driver.

Rachel’s mother told WHSV her daughter was a “social butterfly” who “never met a stranger.”

“She was very gullible; she thought everybody was her friend; she would literally cry if somebody didn’t like her,” Brenda Brown said. “She was full of life; she was bubbly; she laughed all the time. She would just come up to you and haul off and kiss you out of nowhere.”

Adam W. Williams, a married Elkton police officer who was allegedly involved romantically with Good, initially was in charge of the investigation into her disappearance, but he was later placed on administrative leave, the August Free Press reported.

According to WHSV, Good’s family grew concerned after they found letters she and Williams exchanged that allegedly indicated they were involved with each other.

“It was just more and more information that was coming out, and we were finding out that, you know, she was pregnant and he wanted to her to get an abortion and she didn’t,” Brown claimed to the station.

The Virginia State Police, who took over the investigation, learned Good’s last confirmed whereabouts was at a Harrisonburg bowling alley with Williams the evening she got into the Dodge Neon, according to WHSV.

The August Free Press reported that Williams, who police believe fathered Good’s unborn child, resigned from his position in January 2004 after investigators executed a search warrant at his home.

In 2010, Good was legally declared dead, but her body has never been found. Williams has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the case.

Cary Good, the missing woman’s father, recently told WHSV he’s never quit looking for his daughter. “I mean, I’ve rode every road in this county just doing something, looking in the ditches, in the dumpsters, just hoping she was there,” he said. “I mean at least you could know where she was at.”

The Virginia State Police investigation into the case remains active, according to officials.

Good was last seen dressed in blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt. She has scars on her abdomen, naval and back.

Anyone with information on the case or Rachel Good’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Virginia State Police at (540) 829-7400 or send a tip online.

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