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Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery

Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery

Friday May 29, 2020

This week we're focusing on all the mysteries featured this week during ID's Nine at 9.

Kick back and start your binge with these specials now:

Watch this episode before it premieres on TV! Who Killed Jeffrey Epstien? Billionaire Predator” - Reclusive billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's early years are marked by a drive to amass wealth, power, and influential friends. But in 2005, his secrets are revealed when he's accused of the sexual assault of multiple underage girls.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster - With access to hundreds of pages of police and FBI transcripts and personal testimony from family, friends, and survivors, the haunting story of how Jeffrey Dahmer went from shy adolescent to a notorious serial killer and cannibal is revealed.

Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery - Drugs, disease and scandals - when Hollywood superstar Brittany Murphy dies at age 32, the world is stunned. Many believe foul play must be involved. Brittany's father searches for answers as lurid allegations against other family members mount.

Disappeared in the Darkness: An ID Mystery - When police near Myrtle Beach discover an abandoned car at a boat landing, they surmise its owner, 20-year-old Heather Elvis, has vanished. They soon discover she's been enmeshed in a love triangle with a married man and led down a path of deceit.

Who Killed the Co-Ed? : An ID Mystery” - When 19-year-old college student Faith Hedgepeth is found brutally murdered in her off campus apartment, the evidence leads police to believe that she knew her killer. Six years later Faith's murderer is still at large. Who killed Faith?