2 Bodies In 2 Days: 'ID Murder Mystery' Examines The Bizarre Death Of Rebecca Zahau

Rebecca Zahau's family members have fought to have the case reexamined for years, and insisted that they believe that her death was a murder.

May 13, 2019

Photo by: Rebecca Zahau [courtesy Jupiter Entertainment]

Rebecca Zahau [courtesy Jupiter Entertainment]

By: Catherine Townsend

CORONADO, CA — In 2011, a wealthy executive, his six-year-old son, and his girlfriend appeared to be living the dream life in the sprawling Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, California.

But on July 11, 2011, six-year-old Max Shacknai, the son of millionaire pharmaceutical executive Jonah Shacknai, suffered a fatal fall while reportedly under the watch of his father’s girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau.

Bizarrely, tragedy struck a second time just two days later, when Zahau's nude body was found bound and gagged, hanging from a balcony of the beachfront mansion.

The new Investigation Discovery special Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery asks the question: Was Rebecca Zahau murdered?

Homicide detectives from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department concluded that Zahau had committed suicide. They suggested that guilt over Max’s death drove her to take her own life, but a myriad of peculiar clues and troubling evidence left Zahau's loved ones wondering if a more sinister explanation was at play.

The two-hour program examines each piece of evidence in an effort to decipher the truth behind Zahau's mysterious death, and will take viewers on a journey inside the relationships of the deceased, their loved ones, and the dogged search for answers that continues to haunt law enforcement and family alike.

Zahau's family members have fought to have the case reexamined for years, and have insisted that they believe that her death was a murder.

The case has taken many twists and turns over the years, including a multi-million-dollar civil lawsuit, allegations against Jonah's brother Adam, and multiple autopsies.

The program will feature all-new and exclusive interviews with family members, investigators, and law-enforcement officers who worked the case in order to try and help find answers for the victims' families.

The two-hour special event premieres Monday, May 27 at 9/8c, only on Investigation Discovery!

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