ID, The Original Home Of True Crime, Premieres A New Season Of 'People Magazine Investigates'

Tune in Monday nights for an all new season of stories ripped from the pages of PEOPLE Magazine.

June 03, 2022
People Magazine Investigates

People Magazine Investigates (PMI)

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

By: Crime Feed Staff

ID is the original home of true crime. Our shows are led by investigators like Lieutenant Joe Kenda of Homicide Hunter, who has dedicated his lifetime to solving some of Colorado’s most harrowing murders, and Alina Burroughs of Crime Scene Confidential who, as a CSI in Florida, helped investigate the heartbreaking death of Caylee Anthony.

We seek justice for the wrongly convicted in shows like Reasonable Doubt helmed by criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva and retired homicide detective Chris Anderson. We hunt fugitives and search for the missing with victims’ rights advocate John Walsh and his son Callahan Walsh on his eponymous show In Pursuit With John Walsh. We give oxygen to stories of the marginalized and re-investigate cases that have fascinated true crime fans for years.

With the premiere of an all-new season of People Magazine Investigates on Monday nights, ID will deliver ripped from the headlines stories that have become a part of pop culture and captivated the nation.

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