Between 2005 & 2009, 8 Women Were Murdered In A Small Louisiana Town & Police Still Have No Suspects — Is It A Cover-Up?

With exclusive access from a victim’s family, the new ID special Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8 dives deep into these crimes and their aftermath.

June 11, 2019
By: Mike McPadden

JENNINGS, LA — Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women who died decidedly unnatural deaths turned up in or nearby the back roads and bayous of a small town called Jennings, Louisiana (population 10,000).

Some of the victims had been stabbed or slashed, others were too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death. Each of the women was connected to the others, though, and a number were even spotted with the same individual just hours before they disappeared.

Over the ensuing years cops made a few arrests, but no charges ever stuck. To date, the murders of “The Jennings 8” remain unsolved.

The case remains an endless source of fear, suspicion, and frustration among the community and, for the victims’ loved ones, their losses remain an open wound that will not heal.

Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8, a new, four-part ID documentary special event, explores this ongoing mystery as it’s never been covered before, by way of exclusive access provided by the family of Whitnei Dubois, one of the victims.

The special chronicles the quest of Whitnei’s sister, Taylor Dubois, and her niece to find answers. Along the way, the grieving relatives uncover shocking new information regarding the killings, as well as allegations that an active cover-up may be keeping justice from being served.

Delving deep into the colorful citizens and deep-rooted culture of Jefferson Davis Parish, Death on the Bayou features interviews with other family members of the slain women, as well as local law enforcement officials and previously apprehended suspects.

The result is an unflinching and spellbinding portrait of an insular world where family ties and long-buried secrets is believed to contain the answer to one unshakeable question: Who killed the Jennings 8?

Death on the Bayou: The Jennings 8 premiers on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16 only on Investigation Discovery.

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