"Affluenza" Teen's Father Arrested...For Impersonating a Police Officer

August 20, 2014

Anthony Couch [screenshot from NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth]

Anthony Couch [screenshot from NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth]

By: Terri Osborne

You might remember earlier this year when we brought you the story of Ethan Couch, who tried to use the now-infamous “affluenza” defense after a car crash that killed four people. Ethan’s father is now in trouble with the law, for posing as the law.

Ethan’s father, Frederick Anthony Couch, was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly falsely identified himself as a police officer. The incident in question took place on July 28. Officers were called out to a disturbance call in the North Richland Hills area that originally started between a man named Keith Capo and one of his neighbors. Couch had reportedly come over with Capo’s neighbor, gun in hand, after the two got into a dispute. Capo’s wife reportedly called the North Richland Hills police. When officers arrived, Couch identified himself as a reserve officer in the Lakeside area near Lake Worth. The officers dealt with the disturbance call, then turned their attention to Couch. Couch reportedly insisted once again that he was a reserve officer, and even presented what appeared to the unnamed officers to be a badge and appropriate ID. One of the officers had worked with the Lakeside Police Department, and didn’t recognize the badge that Couch showed them. She did not, however, let on that she was dubious. They decided to let Couch go that evening, but then investigated his claim of being an officer.

While Couch owns Cleburne Sheet Metal, where the family gets its millions, their research told them that Couch had never once been licensed as a peace officer in Texas. Once they had enough information to act on, the police officers issued a warrant for Couch’s arrest. He was charged with misrepresentation of property, and false identification as a police officer. Couch later was released on $2,500 bond. This is not Couch’s first run-in with law enforcement. He has reportedly either been arrested or cited at least 24 times since 1989.

NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth brings us this report:

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