Wife Has Sex With 3 Dogs at Bestiality Party, Husband Caged -- In Jail

May 17, 2017
By: Mike McPadden

St. Bernard and Black Labrador [WikiMedia Commons]; Alsatian [Pixabay]. Please note: These are example images of the breeds, and NOT the specific dogs in question.

St. Bernard and Black Labrador [WikiMedia Commons]; Alsatian [Pixabay]. Please note: These are example images of the breeds, and NOT the specific dogs in question.

LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND — Try not to howl or get too barking mad about this one.

Retired husband Daniel Galloway, 65, has pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting Carol Bowditch, his 64-year-old wife, into participating in a bestiality party, where she was filmed having sex with a St. Bernard named Oscar, a black Labrador named Badger, and an Alsatian named Rocky.

Bowditch copped a plea for her carnal canine criminal activity, and got sentenced to 12 months of community service.

Galloway will spend one full year behind bars, as police also busted him for creating 12,332 indecent images of children, distributing 1,863 indecent images of children, possessing 191 “extreme images” of Bowditch having sex with dogs, and 29 other “prohibited images.”

Upon approving Galloway’s plea, prosecutor Victoria Rose stated:

“Galloway accepted he aided and abetted his partner. He said it occurred after they watched some doggy porn on the Internet, and he asked her if she would give it a go.”

Authorities caught on to the couple’s perverted pooch proclivities while investigating another case involving illegal online activity by a suspected member of the Royal Air Force. Detective constable Glenn Wright said that looking into Galloway and Bowditch’s pooch-doings led him to discover an entire underground network of bestiality enthusiasts, many of whom gathered at deviant dog parties worldwide.

He said the event for which Galloway and Bowditch were convicted seemed typical of such gatherings, where a woman would have sex with multiple dogs while other humans observed. After the interspecies intercourse, the onlookers would, in turn, have sex with the woman.

Wright made clear: “None of the women who participated in this did so for financial gain. No money exchanged hands.”

When officers questioned one female participant as to why she would undertake such activity, she reportedly replied: “It’s something that’s on your bucket list!”

At present, the whereabouts of Oscar, Badger, and Rocky remain unknown.

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