Man Who Strangled Woman During 'Rough Sex' Gets Life In Prison For Her Murder

After killing Charlotte Teeling, Richard Bailey allegedly used his victim's bank card and traveled to Coventry to see a former love interest.

Richard Bailey [West Midlands Police]

Richard Bailey [West Midlands Police]

By: Catherine Townsend

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND — A UK man who strangled a woman in his apartment during what he claimed was "rough sex" — and slept with her dead body "for days" — had been convicted of her murder.

Richard Bailey, 41, claimed that Charlotte Teeling, 33, requested to be choked during sex, and that her death was accidental. But jurors in Birmingham unanimously found him guilty of killing Teeling, a mother of two.

CCTV footage has been released showing Teeling and Bailey walking down the street, holding hands and cuddling prior to the murder. Teeling died at Bailey's apartment in Kingstanding just a few hours after meeting him in the early morning hours of February 23.

West Midlands Police arrested Bailey in Coventry after officers made the "gruesome discovery" of Teeling's half-naked body on Bailey's bed a week after she was reported missing. Forensic testing revealed that she had sustained injuries to her neck and mouth as well as a bone fracture near the base of her tongue.

The prosecutor told the court that the pathologist concluded that her death was due to strangulation and smothering. The court also heard that Bailey scattered pornography near her body after strangling her.

After killing Teeling, Bailey allegedly used his victim's bank card and traveled to Coventry to see a former love interest.

Bailey reportedly has a criminal record with 171 previous convictions and assault offenses on female victims, using such nefarious techniques as punching through a pillow to avoid tell-tale bruising. Prosecutor Jonas Hankin told the court, "There are several convictions for assault, as well as more serious offenses of violence. All of the offenses of violence were perpetrated against women, and in most cases women in vulnerable situations."

Bailey was sentenced to live in prison, and must serve a minimum of 29 years before being considered for release.

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