'Girl In A Box' Kala Brown Reveals Horrifying Details Of Captivity

February 13, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

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Kala Brown

Photo by: Kala Brown on Dr. Phil [screenshot]

Kala Brown on Dr. Phil [screenshot]

Kala Brown has revealed harrowing details about her captivity at the hands of her alleged abductor Todd Kohlhepp.

Brown said she and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, were kidnapped by Kohlhepp in August 2016, and he held her captive for months in a storage container in South Carolina until police found her in November.

Authorities said that Brown was found “chained like a dog,” and the sheriff added, “This is the stuff you see in the movies.”

In her first since interview being freed, Brown relates that she was kept hooked to a short length of chain, no more than three feet, fastened around her neck.

Brown said she was left handcuffed, chained, and gagged by her accused abductor Kohlhepp, whom investigators believe is a serial killer.

Brown also discusses in detail the moments when she says she witnessed her abductor brutally murder her boyfriend Carver.

"He shot Charlie in the chest three times," she said in a clip from the interview. "He said it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved."

"He let me know that if I fought back, he would kill me," she said. "And then he raped me."

Authorities suspect that Kohlhepp may be responsible for the deaths of at least four other people.

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