Son Says Serial Killer Samuel Little’s Painting Shows His Murdered Mom

Samuel Little has claimed that he murdered the woman in the picture and dumped her body in West Memphis, Arkansas.

February 19, 2019
Samuel Little [Wise Coutny Jail]; sketch of murdered woman [FBI]

Samuel Little [Wise Coutny Jail]; sketch of murdered woman [FBI]

Samuel Little [Wise Coutny Jail]; sketch of murdered woman [FBI]

By: Catherine Townsend

MEMPHIS, TN — A Tennessee man believes that a confessed serial killer's painting of an alleged victim resembles his mother, who was murdered when he was 15 years old.

Anthony Jones last saw his mother, 36-year-old Priscilla Baxter-Jones, on Christmas Eve of 1996. Baxter-Jones, a sex worker, was found dead in the Mississippi River nearly two weeks later. Police say she was raped, stabbed, and strangled.

Jones is speaking out in response to an image of a woman created by serial killer Samuel Little. Little, 78, confessed to murdering more than 90 people across the United States, including potential cases in Tennessee and Kentucky.

He drew several sketches of his victims from memory for authorities, and the FBI released the 16 drawings on Tuesday in the hope that a family member may recognize — and be able to identify — the alleged victims.

Jones was driving when he got the sketch sent to his phone and says he almost wrecked the car when he noticed the shocking similarities to his mother.

Little has claimed that he murdered the woman in the sketch and dumped her body in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Jones says that he actually remembers meeting Little, whom he refers to as “Scarface,” in 1995. He would accompany his mother to visit him at his adoptive home.

Memphis police say they are now investigating whether the woman in the sketch could really be Baxter-Jones, according to KSN. But police say they have so far found no evidence that Samuel Little stabbed any of his victims.

Jones told reporters that he wants to visit Little, who is currently behind bars in Texas, so that he can “look him dead in the eye and say 'Do you know who I am?'”

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