"Was Caylee In That Trunk?" Casey Anthony's Former Roommates Speak Out

February 15, 2018
By: Catherine Townsend

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Casey Anthony [Orange County Sheriff’s Office]

Casey Anthony [Orange County Sheriff’s Office]

ORLANDO, FL — Two of Casey Anthony’s former roommates have lifted the lid on what it was like to live with the “most hated mom in America.”

Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011, lived with college students Nathan Lezniewicz and Clint House during and after the little girl’s death.

Lesniewicz and House told interviewer Melissa Moore that they had thought Casey was a good mom.

The two men said they spent a lot of time with Caylee while babysitting her, teaching her words and playing with her.

But on the Dr. Oz show, they said that they began to get suspicious when Orange County police told them that Caylee had been missing for a month. They knew that they hadn’t seen Caylee at the house, but they thought that she was with her grandparents or a caretaker — though they said that they had never seen the nanny. They said that were struck by the fact that Anthony’s demeanor had appeared completely normal that whole time.

The former roommates now wonder if Anthony was giving Caylee Xanax to keep her asleep in the car while she partied, and if the little girl could have overdosed.

“The thing that really haunts me is thinking about that is if I was on trial for the murder of my child and I was acquitted, I wouldn’t sleep another day until I found out who killed my kid,” House said. “The other painful thing to think about too is, ‘Was Caylee in that trunk or was Caylee in Casey’s car when we passed by it to go to school?’”

The men are involved with “Caylee’s Law,” the unofficial name for proposed bills in several U.S. states that would make it a felony for a parent or legal guardian to fail to report a missing child in cases where the parent knew or should have known that the child was possibly in danger.

Anthony is currently living in South Florida with Patrick McKenna, a private detective who worked as the lead investigator on her case in the 2011 trial. She’s also employed by McKenna, and she helps him with his current cases by doing social media searches and other types of investigative work, according to the Associated Press.

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