Nurse Accused Of Killing Babies At U.K. Hospital Sentenced To Life In Prison Aug 21, 2023

Lucy Letby was convicted of the murders of seven babies, and the attempted murder of six more.

Suspected Texas Serial Killer Taunted Police, May Have Committed Multiple Unsolved Murders, Cops Say Aug 8, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Before his May 2023 arrest, police say Raul Meza Jr. “was ready and prepared to kill again, and he was looking forward to it.”

Suspect Arrested In Long Island Serial Killings Jul 17, 2023

Over a decade after the remains of 11 people were found along Long Island’s Gilgo Beach, police have arrested a suspect in the cas …

‘The Scorecard Killer’: Southern California Man May Have Murdered As Many As 67 Victims Jun 21, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Randy Steven Kraft was caught after police pulled him over with a dead Marine in his front passenger-side seat.

How Elusive Serial Killer Ted Kaczynski Was Unmasked As The Unabomber May 23, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The self-professed anarchist was captured in 1996 hiding out in a primitive Montana cabin.

‘Black Widow’ Judy Buenoano Convicted Of Murdering Her Son, Husband With Arsenic May 12, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Police began investigating the former nurse after she attempted to kill her boyfriend with a car bomb.

Serial Killer Who Preyed On Women In New York City Area Admits To 5 Murders 50 Years Ago Sep 18, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Richard Cottingham became known as the Torso Killer because he often decapitated his victims and cut off their feet.

How The Boston Strangler’s Identity Was Finally Confirmed 50 Years After His Reign Of Terror Ended Apr 21, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Albert DeSalvo confessed to the serial killing of 13 women, but he never faced justice for the brutal slayings.

Serial Murderer Known As ‘Trailside Killer’ Stalked Victims Hiking In California Wilderness May 19, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

David Joseph Carpenter fatally shot seven people during his reign of terror in the early 1980s.

West Mesa Murders: Serial Killer Who Slayed, Buried 11 Victims Remains Unidentified Jan 30, 2024

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“We need new information on this case, that is what is going to lead to it getting solved,” the city’s mayor says of whoever kille …

Wendy Stephens, 14, Identified As ‘Green River Killer’ Gary Ridgway’s Youngest Known Victim Nov 21, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“How can anybody wrap their head around their daughter being killed by a serial killer?” the girl’s mother asks.

‘Baton Rouge Serial Killer’ Derrick Todd Lee Was An Unremorseful ‘Smooth Talker’ Nov 15, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“He laughed, he didn't take it seriously,” the mother of one victim recalled after the murderer stood trial.

Police Investigating After Iowa Woman Claims Her Father Was A Prolific Serial Killer Oct 28, 2022

Lucy Studey told police that her late father, Donald Studey, buried up to 70 bodies — and in some cases, he enlisted her help in d …

‘Freeway Killer’ Terrorized Southern California During Yearlong Murder Spree Oct 18, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Between 1979 and 1980, serial killer William George Bonin confessed to slaying 21 boys and young men.

Key Players in the Jeffrey Dahmer Case: Where Are They Now? Sep 23, 2022

By: Catherine Townsend

From 1978 to 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer raped, killed, and dismembered 17 boys and men.

Prolific Serial Killer Nurse Charles Cullen May Have Killed As Many As 400 Patients Jul 6, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The murderer’s 16-year medical career in New Jersey and Pennsylvania ended after he was arrested in 2003.

A Texas Serial Killer Left His Victims Without Their Eyes Aug 1, 2022

From 1990 to 1991, the city of Dallas, Texas was gripped with fear after authorities linked two brutal and bizarre homicide cases.

How ‘Serial, Psychosexual, Thrill Killer’ Michael Gargiulo Got Caught Sep 12, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

The convicted murderer, dubbed the “Hollywood Ripper”, “watched and waited” for the opportunity to stab his female neighbors, pros …

Serial Killer William Reece Pleads Guilty To The 1997 Murders Of Three Young Texas Women Jul 7, 2022

Convicted murderer William Reece was sentenced to death for another young woman’s murder in August 2021.

Heroism and Horror: One Brother Was Kidnapped, The Other Became A Serial Killer May 19, 2023

By: Aaron Rasmussen

Steven Stayner and another child escaped their captor in 1980; Cary Stayner murdered four females 19 years later.

‘Happy Face Killer’ Victim Known As ‘Blue Pacheco’ Identified; Family Finally Gets Closure Apr 25, 2022

Nearly three decades after her body was found, Patricia Skiple has been identified as a victim of the serial killer.

Police Release Video of Long Island Serial Killer Victim in Her Final Hours Jul 14, 2023

Over a decade after the remains of 11 people were found along a Long Island beach, police released new surveillance video of one o …

Miami Realtor Accused Of Being Serial Killer Who Targeted Homeless Men Feb 28, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“These types of anonymous seemingly haphazard killings can create a real sense of fear and unease,” the Miami-Dade County prosecut …

Police Use DNA To Identify Alleged Serial Killer Responsible For Deaths Of Four Women Feb 9, 2022

Four families have answers after cutting-edge technology linked Joe Michael Ervin to fatal stabbings in the Denver area.

Atlanta Is Building A Memorial To 29 Child Murder Victims Killed Between 1979 and 1981 Feb 7, 2022

The Atlanta Child Murders rocked the nation as Black children from Atlanta disappeared and then turned up dead.

‘Co-ed Killer' ‘Happy’ Behind Bars: ‘Society Is Not Ready In Any Shape Or Form For Me’ Jan 12, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“He's a demented super-genius of a sociopath,” convicted serial killer Edmund Kemper’s half-brother says.

10 Of The Most Horrifying Serial Killer Couples 11 Photos

Many families are still demanding answers to what happened to their loved ones.

Chicago Strangler: Could A Serial Killer Be Responsible For The Unsolved Murders Of Dozens Of Women? Jan 31, 2022

By: Aaron Rasmussen

“They were human beings and they have a story to tell,” says a professor whose students looked into the lives of the victims.

Bobby Joe Long, 'The Classified Ad Rapist,' Caused Tampa's Murder Rate To Skyrocket Nov 16, 2021

By: Terri Osborne

Bobby Joe Long, who some reports claim is a distant cousin of Henry Lee Lucas, had a troubled childhood prior to his life as a vio …

The Long Criminal History Of The 'Death House Landlady' Nov 11, 2021

By: Catherine Townsend

Gray-haired landlady, Dorothea Puente, made headlines as one of the most shocking serial killers in Sacramento history.