Kala Brown, Survivor Of Killer Todd Kohlhepp, Arrested For Domestic Violence: Cops

Brown is reportedly also set to receive half of Kohlhepp's assets, while another victim's mom sues a gun store allegedly connected to the case.

July 23, 2019
Kala Brown [Greenville County Sheriff]

Photo by: Kala Brown [Greenville County Sheriff]

Kala Brown [Greenville County Sheriff]

By: Mike McPadden

GREENVILLE, SC — Kala Brown, 33, the surviving victim of serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, was reportedly arrested for domestic violence along with her boyfriend after the couple allegedly had a fight in their home, according to The Greenville News.

In 2016, Brown made headlines after rescuers discovered her chained by her neck inside a shipping container, where Kohlhepp had been holding her captive for approximately 65 days on his property.

In addition, Kohlhepp later admitted to killing Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver, and burying his body on the same property where he’d been keeping Brown.

According to this week’s arrest warrant, Brown and her boyfriend, James Devon Moore, 31, had a dispute early Tuesday morning about an animal being loose in their residence.

The police report claims that Brown asked Moore to leave, in response to which he “bucked his chest and stated, ‘Make me.’”

Brown then allegedly punched Moore in the face with a closed fist. Moore, in turn, is alleged to have thrown Brown on the ground and placed her in a chokehold, during which Brown reportedly told deputies she nearly passed out.

Following the altercation, the police report claims, the couple drove to a convenience store to buy cigarettes. Once there, Brown allegedly bolted from the vehicle and called authorities.

Responding officers reportedly arrested Brown and Moore and charged both suspects with criminal domestic assault in the third degree, a misdemeanor.

Jenny Dial, a spokeswoman for Brown, reportedly told the press, “All is well. Kala was off her medicine, and she had an altercation with a friend which has been resolved.”

Online court records indicate that Brown was released from Greenville County Jail later that day on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond.

The Greenville News also reports that Brown’s arrest has occurred the same week she may receive financial restitution from a legal ruling involving Todd Kohlhepp.

According to the report, Circuit Court Judge Mark Hayes is expected to approve a deal that would award half of Todd Kohlhepp’s assets to Brown, with the other half to be split equally among seven other plaintiffs in wrongful-death suits filed against the serial killer.

Among those plaintiffs are family members of the four men that Kohlhepp murdered at Superbike Motorsports in 2003.

David Wyatt, Brown’s attorney who devised the proposed payout and got the recipients to agree on it, reportedly said that about $353,000 was ready to be distributed. Wyatt added, though, that authorities were still working to finalize the total amount of Kohlhepp’s assets.

In the meantime, according to WBTW-TV, the mother of one of Todd Kohlhepp’s other homicide victims says she is suing a man accused of purchasing guns for the killer, as well as the store that allegedly sold the firearm used in her son’s murder.

Cindy Coxie has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Dustan Lawson and Academy Sports. Cindy is the mother of Johnny Coxie, one of the seven people that Kohlhepp admitted in court to killing.

In 2018, Dustan Lawson, who allegedly supplied guns to Kohlhepp, reportedly pleaded guilty to 36 federal charges, many of which involved firearms. Authorities say Lawson confessed to buying weapons at outlets like Academy Sports and then transferring them to Kohlhepp.

According to the lawsuit, Cindy Coxie wants Academy Sports to be found negligent for selling arms to Lawson.

On Friday, Judge Mark Hayes, the same judge set to rule on Kohlhepp’s assets, heard Academy Sports’ motion to dismiss Coxie’s lawsuit, but did not rule on it. Instead, Hayes reportedly stated, “To understand what these facts mean, it seems like this case has to proceed to discovery.”

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