Video Shows Man Leaving Club With Women He Allegedly Dismembered & Fed to Dogs

By: Catherine Townsend

The Independent (screenshot)

The Independent (screenshot)

CCTV footage has emerged of a convicted rapist leaving a karaoke club with two women in Russia who police say he later stabbed to death and dismembered.

Officers are also investigating reports Alexander Maslennikov, 31, raped the women and minced their remains before feeding them to dogs.

In the footage, Maslennikov leaves Voice karaoke club at 6 A.M. on October 13 in the Volzhsky, with sales assistants Daria Labutina, 29, and Olga Shaposhnikova, 28.

The two women have been missing since then.

Police established that they had left the club with Maslennikov — who had been freed from jail in May after serving 11 years for rape, sexual assault, and robbery – and then accompanied him to the flat he rented.

The women shared drinks at his flat but it is unclear if he stabbed them after they refused to have sex with him or raped them before killing them.

Investigators say that Maslennikov dismembered their bodies in his bathroom – severing one victim’s legs and cutting the other into around 20 pieces.

According to local press reports, which police have not yet confirmed, he then minced body parts of the women in a grinder and fed the remains to dogs.

Police have released CCTV videos showing the six-foot-six man entering his apartment block with his alleged victims, but then leaving later carrying two sports bags containing the women’s remains.

Alexander Minaev, senior investigator on the case, said:

So far we can tell you that Maslennikov confessed the crime and has given evidence pointing at the place where he hid the bodies. The details of his crime are being established now, and the investigation is in progress.”

Body parts of the women were also found in a forest near the city, in Volgograd region, say police sources.

Maslennikov was detained late last week by police close to Moscow where he had fled and begun dating a hairdresser.

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