10 Must Visit Cities For Mystery Lovers

If you love a good mystery as much as we do, then you'll thoroughly enjoy these thrilling hotspots.

By: Crime Feed Staff

Photo By: LaLaurie House [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Sliding Rock At The Racetrack Playa, Dry Lake at Death Valley National Park, CA [via Getty Images]

Photo By: The Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nevada [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Cutler Majestic Theater [via Getty Images]

Photo By: "Island Of The Dolls" in Xochimilco, Mexico City [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Chicago skyline [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Coral Castle [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Urquhart Castle [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Marfa, Texas at dawn [via Getty Images]

Photo By: Lighting over Lake Michigan [via Getty Images]

New Orleans, Louisiana

They don't call it America's most haunted city for nothing. Learn about New Orleans' horrific past by visiting landmarks like the LaLaurie Mansion and Lafayette Cemetery.

Death Valley, CA

Check out the mysterious "Sailing Stones," which travel across the desert sand on their own.

Area 51, Nevada

For an alien-themed adventure, drive along the Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nevada. Watch Storming Area 51 on discovery+ to follow The UFO Bros, Joe and Emmett Hayes, on an investigation of the mysterious area.

Boston, Massachusetts

If your love for the mysterious has paranomal roots, then you'll love exploring Boston's Granary Park Burying Grounds and Emerson's Cutler Majestic Theater.

Mexico City, Mexico

Find out for yourself if the storied "Island of the Dolls" in Xochimilco, Mexico City is truly haunted.

Chicago, Illinois

Take a tour through the windy city and explore the dark legacy of America's "first serial killer" H.H. Holmes. Stream The Murder Castle exclusively on discovery+ for more on the Holmes murders.

Homestead, Florida

See the infamous Coral Castle for yourself and try to determine how one man built these enormous stone structures.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Tales of a monster lurking beneath the dark waves of Loch Ness have terrified people in the Scottish Highlands for centuries. Stream Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence on discovery+ and join the quest to unravel the mystery of this elusive creature.

Marfa, Texas

Are the twinkling lights beyond the tiny town of Marfa powered by UFOs, ghosts, fairies or something else entirely?

Lake Michigan, Michigan

Visit the Bermuda Triangle of the Midwest in Lake Michigan to learn about the unexplained string of crashed and missing vessels.